ReProvision – Cydia Extender alternative for 32-bit/64-bit devices

Matt Clarke just released ReProvision, a Cydia Extender alternative for Apple devices. Here’s how you can download and install it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What’s ReProvision?

Ever since semi-untethered jailbreaks replaced their fully untethered counterparts, signing has become essential. Sure, you can resign your jailbreak app using Cydia Impactor on your PC or Mac.

But what if you don’t have access to a computer? That is where is this new jailbreak utility comes in.

ReProvision is a Cydia Extender alternative for 32-bit and 64-bit Apple devices. It is developed by the eminent developer Matt Clarke and designed by Alessandro Chiarlitti.

It is not limited just to resigning jailbreak tools, you can use it to sign any IPA file or a third-party app. Additionally, you can sign apps that have expired or are nearing their expiry date.


Here’s a quick rundown of its features –

  • Open-source
  • 32-bit/64-bit support
  • Reactive signing
  • Modern user interface
  • Efficient background app signing
  • In-app error handling and troubleshooting

Why is ReProvision better than Cydia Extender?

Reactive signing

The main feature that sets ReProvision apart from its only competitor is reactive signing.

Conversely, Cydia Extender-based utilities like Ext3nder Installer and Extender: Reloaded only offer pre-emptive signing.

That means once an app expires, you can’t sign it anymore without reinstalling it manually and signing it again.

This problem won’t bug you if you use ReProvision to sign apps. It lets you sign apps even when they are well past their expiry period.

Less buggy

As you already know, Cydia Extender is riddled with bugs and glitches. Running into certificate and Apple ID errors while signing an app is quite common.

If you are using ReProvision, these problems simply don’t exist. The probability of running into errors with this tool is equal to that of getting struck by lightning.

With that being said, even if you do run into an error, you can easily fix it yourself with its dedicated troubleshooting section.

Other Improvements

As compared to Saurik’s Cydia Extender, ReProvision is more feature-rich, user-friendly, and offers better compatibility.

It’s interface, too, is modern and easy to navigate as compared to its competitor.


ReProvision supports iOS 9.0 and above firmware versions; that is, the compatibility is dependent on the jailbreak you are running. Remember, you don’t need to install it alongside a fully untethered jailbreak like Pangu.

If you are using any of the following jailbreak tools, you should be good to go.




  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • iOS 9, 10 or 11 firmware
  • Cydia

How to install and sign apps with ReProvision Cydia tweak


Step 1 Open Cydia and go to the Sources tab.

Step 2 Tap Edit > Add and enter the address of Matt’s repository –

Step 3 Go to the search tab, search for “ReProvision” and install the Debian package from the official source.

Step 4 Once you install the app and restart the Springboard, the app will appear on your home screen.


Once you install the app, you must set the app up properly before you start signing third-party apps and games locally. This section will walk you through the setup process.

Step 5 Launch ReProvision app by tapping its icon.

Step 6 It will now prompt you to sign in to your Apple ID, that is, the account you usually use with Cydia Impactor. Enter your email ID in the Apple ID field and your password in the Password field. You can use a “burner” account if you are paranoid about your details ending up on the deep web.

Step 7 Once you enter your credentials, tap Confirm and let it verify your certificates. This will take a few seconds as it connects and sends your details to Apple’s signing servers.

Step 8 Since your device already has existing certificates, you must remove them to start afresh. Slide right to left on the first “Device: Unknown” certificate and tap Delete to delete this certificate.

Step 9 ReProvision will now remove your certificates, so let it do its thing. Once your certificates are removed, you will finally get to this screen. The utility will segment your apps into three sections, namely –

  • Expiring Soon – This section displays the apps that are nearing their expiry period. If all your apps are signed and are a couple of days away from their expiry, this section will be empty.
  • Recently Signed – This section displays the apps that are signed recently
  • Other Applications – This section displays the apps that are not expiring anytime soon and weren’t signed recently.

Step 10 Select any app from any of the aforementioned sections. ReProvision will now display its version, size together with its exact expiry date and time. I will use the Electra jailbreak app for demonstration purposes.

You can, however, sign any app, whether or not it is a jailbreak app. ReProvision fully supports all third-party IPA files and non-App Store apps.

Step 11 Tap ADD to sign the app. The tool will now go back to the main screen and display the signing progress in the percentage format.

Step 12 Wait for the signing to get over. ReProvision will now send you a notification indicating that the app is signed successfully.

Step 13 Tap on the app you signed and check its details. Make sure that it’s signed properly and its expiry period is correct.


Although you will hardly experience errors or glitches, the “Troubleshooting” section will easily let you fix any error that may crop up. This section will walk you through the troubleshooting process.

Step 14 Go to the Troubleshooting section by tapping the “search” icon.

Step 15 Tap Manage Certificates and delete your existing certificates by tapping the Delete button. Alternatively, you can tap Revoke All Certificates to quickly remove all existing certificates.

Revoking certificates will fix the “submitDevelopmentCSR” error. The troubleshooting section also contains instructions for fixing other signing errors and glitches. You can access them by scrolling down the screen.


If you have performed every step as mentioned above, there’s no need to mess around with the Settings section. The default settings of ReProvision are optimal and will suffice for the average user.

However, if you are a power user and want to tailor it to your liking, go ahead and start tweaking each option it has to offer.

Step 16 Go to the Settings section by tapping the “gear” icon.

Step 17 You can log out of your current Apple ID account by tapping Sign Out and sign with another account.

Step 18 Toggle on Automatically Re-Sign if it’s not enabled already. This option will ensure each app that is signed will get renewed before it expires. Set the Re-sign Applications When: option to “2 Days Left” to automatically resign apps when they are 48 hours away from expiry.

Step 19 Toggle on Show Non-Urgent Alerts to stay on top of your signing shenanigans. If you are not a developer, disable Show Debug Alerts.

Step 20 Tap Advanced to access the advanced preferences section. You will now want to enable Re-sign in Low Power Mode to ensure that your apps are signed even in when your device is in low power mode.

Step 21 Set Check Expiry Times: setting to “Every 2 Hours”. The utility will now carry out expiry time checks every two hours. Though expiry is not an issue with this tweak, I recommend keeping your apps signed at all times.

If you set this option to, say, “Every Other Day”, your apps may expire in the meantime.

That’s all there’s to it! You have successfully signed your first app using ReProvision. If you run into some issues or bugs, just leave a comment below.


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