extra_recipe Jailbreak for iOS 10/10.1/10.1.1 [DOWNLOAD]

Hacker Luca Todesco has just released a stable version of mach_portal jailbreak. This updated version is called extra_recipe. Download this new tool below.

  • Update (May 29) – Beta 4 version has been released. It extends support to iOS 10.0.x-10.1.1.
  • Update (May 25) – Beta 3 version has been released. It enables Substrate automatically. Use the updated download link below.

What is extra_recipe Jailbreak?

Those who resisted the urge to update to iOS 10.3.1, it’s time to rejoice! Your patience has clearly paid off as Luca Todesco has just released a stable version of mach_portal jailbreak (YaluX).

This new jailbreak is called extra_recipe, a heavily modded version of mach_portal jailbreak. It was originally developed by Xerub and Ian Beer.

extra_recipe jailbreak

Here’s what has changed in this version –

  • It turns the file system “read only”. This means you will not be able to install tweaks because write access is missing. Cydia will throw an error if you try to install a tweak.
  • backboardd is now fixed.
  • extra_recipe does not enable Substrate automatically.
  • It does NOT install Cydia.
  • This version also fixes kernel panics on both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

Is extra_recipe Safe to use?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use. However, I recommend you hold off for the time being.

The current IPA package does not contain a Reload Daemon. This means Substrate will not be automatically enabled.

To fix this issue, we require an independent Substrate Fix or an in-built Reload Daemon.


The next update will likely fix all issues regarding Substrate and kernel panics.

If you have installed any of the tweaks given below, uninstall them before using extra_recipe jailbreak. This will help prevent any conflicts.

You also must install Kenobi for Yalub3 (available on Ben Weaver’s repository) to revert all changes made by Order 66/65.

Here’s the download link for extra_recipe jailbreak.

Download extra_recipe IPA 

  • Download modified version (runs until the jailbreak is successful)
  • Download extra_recipe+yaluX beta 4 (latest version)
  • Download extra_recipe+yaluX beta 3

extra_recipe Compatibility

  • iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7
  • iOS 10.1 firmware  

How to Use extra_recipe

Although this is a new updated version, the jailbreak process still remains the same. You just need to sideload it using Cydia Impactor and then run it. Simply follow the tutorial given below.   


You can also sign the IPA using any Cydia Extender tweak. However, I recommend you use the Cydia Impactor method.

signed IPA

Did you Jailbreak your iPhone 7?

If you are already running mach_portal jailbreak, there’s no good reason to switch to this version. Keep using the original version and wait for the next update.

enable cydia substrate

The next update will fix most of the issues the current version has.

It’s great to witness Luca making a comeback to the jailbreak community. I really hope he releases another jailbreak for all of us.

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