Download Electra1131 jailbreak for iOS 11.2-11.3.1-11.4 Beta 3

Electra Team has finally released the highly-anticipated Electra1131 jailbreak to the public. Here’s how you can download and use it on your iPhone or iPad below.

What is Electra1131?

Electra1131 jailbreak is an iOS 11.2-11.3.1 firmware port of the original Electra jailbreak. It is developed by renowned developers Coolstar, Nullpixel, and pwn20nd.

There are two versions of this jailbreak based on Ian Beer’s exploits –

  • multipath tcp exploit
  • vfs exploit

Electra1131 jailbreak

The multipath version requires a developer account whereas the vfs version doesn’t require a developer account. However, the multipath exploit offers a much higher success rate but is difficult to use.

If you own a paid developer account, don’t use the multipath version as it will unnecessarily complicate things.

Which devices and versions are compatible?


Electra1131 supports the following versions only –

  • 11.2
  • 11.2.1
  • 11.2.2
  • 11.2.5
  • 11.2.6
  • 11.3
  • 11.3
  • 11.3.1
  • 11.4 Beta 1
  • 11.4 Beta 2
  • 11.4 Beta 3

Important – If you are on iOS 11.4 (final) or above, this jailbreak will NOT work on your device. If you are running a version older than iOS 11.2, you must use the previous version of Electra jailbreak.


  • iPhone SE, iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6s, iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Air, iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3
  • iPad (9.7-inch)
  • iPad Pro (9.7‑inch)
  • iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation)


  • iPod touch (6th generation)

Download Electra1131 jailbreak IPA

Version 1.0.3

Version 1.0.2

Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0


  • July 9 – Version 1.0.3 released. It adds support for iOS 11.4 Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 3 firmware versions. Electra Team only tested the multipath version for this firmware.
  • July 8 – Version 1.0.2 released. It uses a different bundle identifier for multipath version and fixes the success rate of version 1.0.1.
  • July 8 – Version 1.0.1 fixes the app icon and nonce generator not being set on some occasions. Remember, this version has a lower success rate than its predecessor.


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  • A compatible firmware version
  • A computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • Electra1131-1.0-vfs.ipa
  • Cydia Impactor
  • Internet connection

How to jailbreak iOS 11.2-11.3.1 with Electra1131 (vfs version)

Step 1 Connect your device to your computer and launch Cydia Impactor. 

Step 2 Download the Electra IPA file using the links above and drag them over to Cydia Impactor’s window. 


Step 3 Key in your Apple ID email and password and let it start the installation. The app should appear on your home screen within a few seconds if you performed the above steps correctly.

Step 4 before you run the app, you would want to give it the necessary entitlements. To do that, open the Settings app and go to General > Profiles & Device Management. Select your Apple ID email and “trust” the Electra app.


Step 5 Launch the app and tap Jailbreak. Remember, the exploits used in this jailbreak tool are unreliable and can take multiple tries to install Cydia. It is not uncommon at all for the app to require over a hundred tries.  

electra1131 jailbreak

Step 6 When you run the app for the first time, your device will reboot two times. Electra needs to be re-run after the first reboot and then again after installing Cydia. electra1131 jailbreak cydia

If for some reason the aforementioned method doesn’t work for you, try giving the multipath version a try. As mentioned earlier, this exploit has a significantly high success rate and you can jailbreak your device in no more than two or three tries.

How to use Electra1131 (multipath version) without a developer account

Step 1 Open Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2 Visit the website of Ignition signing service here. This website already stores all jailbreak apps signed using an enterprise account, thus negating the need to purchase a developer account.

If the website is down while you try to access it, retry after a couple of hours until the developers fix everything up.

Step 3 Scroll down the select the Jailbreak button next to the Electra1131_MP app.

Step 4 The website will now prompt you to install the app. Tap Install to start the installtion process.

Step 5 Once the app appears on your home screen, launch it and tap Jailbreak to start the exploitation process. If everything goes well, Cydia will show up on the home screen within a few seconds.

electra1131 jailbreak

Installing compatible tweaks

  • Launch Cydia and wait for it to throw the connection error. At this stage, enable WiFi, disable Airplane mode and press Reload once you are inside the Cydia app.
  • You can now start installing tweaks via Cydia on your Apple device. Check our tweak compatibility list for iOS 11.3.1 and ensure the tweak you want to install is present therein.

How to re-jailbreak after rebooting your device

As you already know, this jailbreak tool is semi-untethered in nature. This means you will lose your jailbreak each time you reboot your iPhone/iPad. To fix this, you must put your device in jailbreak mode by running the Electra app once again.

If the app is signed

  • If the app is still within the signing period, you can simply re-jailbreak your device by running the app again. Press the Enable Jailbreak to put your iPhone or iPad in jailbreak mode.

enable jailbreak

If the app is unsigned

  • Remember, the signing period lasts for just 7 days and you must resign the app using Cydia Impactor using steps 1-4 in the vfs method above. Once you sign the app, simply press the Enable Jailbreak button.
  • Alternatively, you can use the multipath version from the Ignition signing service, which will sign the jailbreak application until Apple revokes its certificate.

How to increase your success rate

To increase your success rate, try performing the following steps –

  • Put your Apple device in Airplane Mode.
  • Restart your device.
  • Enter your passcode.
  • Clear all applications from the app switcher.
  • Launch the Electra app but do not press the jailbreak button.
  • Lock your iPhone or iPad for sixty seconds.
  • Launch the Electra app again and press “Jailbreak”.

Alternatively, you can just use the multipath version that already has a very high success rate.

How to fix errors and bugs

Here’s a complete list of tutorials that will help you get past an error message that you may encounter while jailbreaking.

For more error and bug fixes, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for iOS 11.2-11.3.1.

As always, don’t forget to post below any queries or doubts that you may have regarding this new tool.

Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for more jailbreak news and updates.


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