unc0ver jailbreak errors and fixes [FAQ]

Although unc0ver is touted as the most advanced jailbreak tool ever to grace the jailbreak community, it does have its drawbacks. The current lineup of release candidates is very buggy as compared to Electra.

Here’s a quick FAQ that will walk you through some of the common jailbreak errors and bugs of unc0ver.

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Q. Electra vs unc0ver – which jailbreak tool is better?

A. Both jailbreak tools are developed by great developers and are equally good, except for a few differences here and there.

Electra jailbreak

Electra/Electra1131 has the advantage of ease of use whereas unc0ver provides better stability and overall reliability to your jailbroken device.

Q. What data will I lose after uninstalling Electra and installing unc0ver?  

A. All your Cydia sources and installed packages will get uninstalled. As far as system components go, you will experience the following changes after using unc0ver –

  • All settings and preferences (anything that you changed manually in the Settings app) will be reset to default.
  • All stored WiFi Passwords will be erased.
  • Default wallpapers will be applied.
  • OTA Profiles will be retained.
  • User data (apps, photos, videos, etc) will remain intact.
  • Widgets and icon layout will remain the same.
  • Safari data including bookmarks and your browsing history will be retained.
  • Root password will be set to alpine.

Q. How do I back up my tweaks before switching to unc0ver?

A. FlashBack Cydia tweak allows you to save your tweak preferences and icon layout before you jump ship from Electra jailbreak.

Keep in mind that this tool requires basic terminal knowledge. If you are not well-versed in terminal commands, you should skip this step and reinstall your tweaks manually after switching.

  • Install Flashback Cydia tweak from MPG13’s Cydia repository (https://mpg13.github.io/repo/).
  • Log in to NewTerm 2 jailbreak app using su as your username and alpine as the password.
  • Input FlashBack and back up your tweak preferences using the on-screen commands.

Alternatively, you can install the BackupAZ3 tweak from Packix repo. However, this backup tweak is paid and, to be honest, a bit overkill in this instance.

Q. How can I increase the success rate of this jailbreak tool?

A. Here’s a list of steps that can possibly increase your success rate –

  • Enable Airplane Mode.
  • Disable Siri.
  • Close all open applications or games from the app switcher.
  • Restart your device.
  • Launch the jailbreak app and run it.

Q. How do I safely switch from Electra to unc0ver?

A. Follow this tutorial – How to switch to unc0ver jailbreak from Electra.

Q. unc0ver wants to restart my device. How can I bypass the restart alert?

A. Actually, unc0ver is supposed to restart your iPhone or iPad twice. When the progress bar hits 24/48, it will remove Electra’s files from your filesystem. Once it shows the “Swipe up to upgrade” message, swipe up.

Q. unc0ver is not working no matter what I do. How can I get it to jailbreak my device?

A. Some firmware versions (iOS 11.4 Beta 1-3 and iOS 11.1.2), though supported, have reliability issues as of right now. The developer is aware of that and is working on pushing a fix in the upcoming RC8 build.

Once that build is out, you will be able to fresh-jailbreak your device.

Errors and bugs

Q. How can I fix the “Errno: 1 Test: rv == 0 Filename: ViewController.m Line: 1484 Function: Exploit” message?

A. This error message signifies that the exploit has failed. To make the exploit functional again, simply reboot your device and give it a go again.

Q. How can I fix the “Errno: 2 Test: rv == 0, Filename: ViewController.m Line: 1484 Function: Exploit” message?

A. Try restarting and running the app again.

Q. How can I fix the “Errno: 2 Test: rv == 0 Filename: ViewController.m Line: 1484 Function: Exploit” message?

A. The upcoming RC8 update will fix this error. If you are experiencing this error, just hold out for a few more hours. RC8 should will be going live anytime now.

aw exploit

Q. How can I fix the “Errno: 2 Test: rv == 0, Filename: ViewController.m Line: 2141 Function: Exploit” message?

A. Switch to the AW exploit from the in-app preferences.

Errno: 2

Q. I can’t get past the “Errno: 3 Test: MACH_PORT_VALID(task_port) Filename: ViewController.rn Line: 215 Function: Inject_library” message. Is there a fix for this error?

A. Yes, the RC6 and above builds fix this error. If you are experiencing this error, switch to a newer version of the jailbreak tool.

I would recommend sideloading the IPA file because your singing service might still be distributing an older version of unc0ver.

Q. The progress bar gets stuck at 1/48 on my device. How can I solve this issue?

A. Ian Beer’s multipath exploit is likely causing this issue. Changing the exploit to EL (Electra) from MP (multipath) from the in-app settings should fix this issue.

If the glitch persists, you should try using an older version; for instance, RC6 if you are currently using RC7.

Q. unc0ver is stuck on 7/48. How do I get it to run to completion?

A. Open Cydia and uninstall installed packages using SemiRestore11 and Delectra on iOS 11.0-11.1.2. If your device is using iOS 11.2-11.4 Beta 3, use Rollectra.


Q. How do I fix the “Errno: 60” message?

A. Try switching the exploit or using an older version of the jailbreak tool.

Q. How can I get past the “iOS Firmware <8.3 and Link Identity Editor >=1:1.2.1 for INSTALLING TWEAKS” message?

A. Upgrade to a newer version of unc0ver. As of this writing, the latest version is RC7.

Q. I am getting the unsupported error message on my device. Is my device really incompatible?  

A. Check your operating system version from Settings > General > About. Ensure that your device is running an iOS 11 version lower than iOS 11.4 as iOS 11.4, iOS 11.4.1, and iOS 12 are incompatible with this tool.

Q. My device keeps rebooting as soon as I run the jailbreak app. How can I fix this?  

A. Try switching the exploit to EL from MP or vice-versa.

Q. How can I fix “Errno: 22” message?

A. This error message pertains to OTA updates. Simply delete the OTA update that your device automatically fetches from Apple’s update servers.

I also recommend installing the tvOS 12 Beta profile to block automatic updates in the future.


Q. My Settings and Cydia apps are totally empty. Is there any way around it?

A. You can fix this glitch by restarting the SpringBoard. Since Cydia is not working, you can use this respring bug to restart the SpringBoard without jailbreak.

Q. I am experiencing high battery drain after switching to unc0ver. How can I lower the battery usage?

A. As soon as you switch the jailbreak, battery usage increases temporarily. Ideally, it should subside within a few minutes. However, if it doesn’t, install DetailedPowerUsage or CocoaTop tweak and monitor what’s draining your battery.

Q. How can I enable SSH access on unc0ver?

A. unc0ver doesn’t come with an inbuilt SSH client like Electra or Yalu jailbreak. In spite of that, you can manually enable SSH access by installing the Local SSH package from Chariz repo.

Q. How can I install MobileSubstrate, which is missing from my iPhone/iPad?

A. Electra substitutes Saurik’s Substrate with Comex’s Substitute. unc0ver, on the other hand, substitutes Substitute with Substrate.

Therefore, Cydia throws the “Depends: MobileSubstrate” error message each time you try to install a tweak.

To fix this, add Sam Bingner’s repository (apt.bingner.com) to your sources list and install the MobileSubstrate Dummy package.

Q. My Apple device is stuck in on the Apple logo/loading screen and doesn’t seem to budge. How do I get it to start properly?

A. Your device is stuck in a bootloop. Here’s how you can get it to start –

  • If you have an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus – press the volume down + power buttons.
  • If you have an iPhone X – press volume up + volume down + power buttons.
  • If you are using iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone SE or an older model – use ReiBoot utility.

Q. My camera isn’t working like it’s supposed to after installing unc0ver. How do I get it to run properly?

A. Installing SimmerDown tweak will fix that issue.

Q. Reddit is not working properly ever since I switched. What gives?

A. Install redditcpufix package.

Q. The Root Filesystem Snapshot is taking up a lot of storage space. How can I get it back? 

A. Using RC7 (latest version) will fix this issue.

Q. How do I fix a broken Notes app?

A. You can fix it by using NoSubstitute Cydia tweak, which is generally used to bypass jailbreak detection in apps.

Although unc0ver doesn’t use Substitute, NoSubstitute still appears to be working for some unknown reason.

notes app broken iOS 11

Q. Watusi is showing “failed to load the preference bundle” error message. How can I get it running again?

A. Fouad Raheb, the developer of Watusi, recently posted a manual fix on Twitter. All you need to do is switch a couple of files around and you will be golden. Here’s how you can do that –

  • Open Filza file manager.
  • Switch these files – libWatusiTools.dylib (/usr/lib/) and libWatusiTools.dylib (/var/fr_tweaks_resources/WatusiTools/)

Q. I am unable re-jailbreak my iPhone/iPad. How do I get the app to work again?

A. Try switching the exploits once again. If that doesn’t work, try a different IPA from a different source. For instance, if you are currently using the official IPA file, then try switching to the one hosted by Ignition signing service.

Q. unc0ver is unstable and I’d rather go back to Electra. How do I switch?

A. Run Rollectra to fully erase every change unc0ver makes to your device. Once your system is clean, you can sideload and jailbreak with Electra again.

Cydia errors

Q. How do I fix tweaks not working after jailbreaking?

A. There’s no fix for tweaks not working as of right now except for installing the C++ Standard Library package from Sam Bingner’s repo.

If this fix doesn’t work for you, you can either wait for RC8 or use Rollectra and re-jailbreak again.

Q. Electra repositories are missing from the sources tab in Cydia. How can I get them back?

A. Sam Bingner’s Cydia Installer update automatically removes Electra’s default repositories that are maintained by Coolstar.

Q. I am unable to add any repository manually to Cydia. How can I fix this?

A. Use the Restore RootFS toggle (Rollectra replacement) from Settings.

Q. How do I update Cydia Installer?

A. You can update Cydia Installer from Sam Bingner’s source (apt.bingner.com). Ideally, you should first update the libresolv package and then move onto Cydia installer. This is not mandatory but it will prevent Cydia from crashing after you update Cydia Installer.

Q. Cydia on my device still uses its old interface. How can I upgrade it?   

A. This issue is present only in iPhone 8 and above. However, the older interface will not in any way prevent you from installing tweaks.

Q. How can I fix the DPKG_LOCKED error?

A. You can fix this error only by erasing your jailbreak data and re-jailbreaking once again. Use Delectra (iOS 11-11.1.2) or ElectraRemover1131 (iOS 11.2-11.3.1) to remove your jailbreak.

DPKG_LOCKED Cydia error on iOS 11

If you are still unable to fix or get past the various error messages, drop your comments below.


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