Rollectra unjailbreak tool released for iOS 11

After a long wait of seven months, Electra Team has finally released SemiRestore (Rollectra) for iOS 11. You can download this unjailbreak tool for your iPhone and other devices below.

What’s SemiRestore11/Rollectra?

SemiRestore11/Rollectra is an on-device unjailbreak utility for Electra jailbreak. It is developed by Electra Team member Pwn20wnd.

Here’s how this tool works –

  • It utilizes the APFS snapshot of the system partition to restore the system partition to its stock state.
  • Afterward, it destroys all data that is not present in the system partition of the filesystem without an iTunes restore.

SemiRestore11 Rollectra

Remember, Rollectra reverts all changes made to your device’s filesystem along with user data. Therefore, the developers recommend that you perform a full backup of your device via iTunes before using this tool.

Why is Rollectra useful?

Since Jay Freeman no longer updates Cydia Eraser, Rollectra is the perfect alternative for iOS 11 users.

It is immensely useful if a tweak messes up your device or you ruin everything by modifying a filesystem setting.

As soon your device goes back to its stock state, you can then start afresh and jailbreak it. Or you could just keep your device in its original state if you feel jailbreaking is not for you.

Which iOS versions are compatible?


As of now, only the devices that are running Electra1131 are compatible. Here’s the full list of supported firmware versions.

  • 11.3
  • 11.3.1
  • 11.4 Beta 1
  • 11.4 Beta 2
  • 11.4 Beta 3


The developer will add support for older versions in the future versions of Rollectra. If you try to install it on these versions, Cydia will throw an error.

  • 11.0
  • 11.0.1
  • 11.0.2
  • 11.0.3
  • 11.1
  • 11.1.1
  • 11.1.2
  • 11.2
  • 11.2.1
  • 11.2.2
  • 11.2.5
  • 11.2.6

Download Rollectra


  • August 31 – Jailed version released with iOS 11.3 to 11.4 Beta 3 support. iOS 11.2-11.2.6 compatibility coming soon.

How to unjailbreak iOS 11 without a computer using SemiRestore11/Rollectra 

Step 1 Open Cydia. If you are using the jailed Debian package, skip to step 5.

Step 2 Go to the Search tab and search for “SemiRestore11”.

Step 3 Select the appropriate result from the list.

Step 4 Install this package from Packix Cydia repository. Once the installation process finishes, the app should appear on your home screen.

Step 5 Launch SemiRestore tool from the home screen.

Step 6 Tap Unjailbreak to start the unjailbreak process.

Step 7 SemiRestore will now display a confirmation message before it reverts the changes. Tap Erase All to confirm.

Step 8 Wait for it to restart your device. Once the progress bar hits completion, your device will reboot in the unjailbroken state.

Errors and Fixes

  • Some users are having a hard time getting past the Apple logo reboot screen. If your device gets stuck on the Apple logo, simply hard reset it.
  • If you can’t install the package on your iPhone or iPad, check your firmware version and its compatibility status.

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