How to fix Error: amfid patch on Electra1131 jailbreak

Many users have complained about the “Error: amfid patch” message after running Electra1131. Although the developers haven’t released a fix yet, here are a few methods that will help you increase Electra’s success rate.

AMFID patch (codesigning bypass), though not as important as a kernel exploit, is an integral part of a jailbreak.

The “Error: amfid patch” message indicates that Electra1131 is unable to install the patch properly on your device.

error amfid patch iOS 11.3.1

iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak usually throws this message once it gets past the “Please Wait (2/3)” stage.

How to fix Error: amfid patch on Electra1131 jailbreak

Method 1 

Restart your device and keep retrying until the jailbreak finally succeeds. If that doesn’t work, force restart your iPhone or iPad and then launch the app again.

This is the only “real” fix that will help you deal with this issue. Keep trying and eventually, the jailbreak will succeed. Several users had to retry over 200 times to put their device in jailbreak mode.

Method 2

If you modified your root filesystem with Filza, it will be difficult to get past this screen. Try undoing all the changes made to your filesystem and then run the Electra app again.

If all goes well, it will hopefully succeed.

Method 3

Charge your iPhone/iPad and enable Airplane mode before you run the Electra app. Several users have reported success with this approach.

Method 4

Unjailbreak your device using the Delectra script. Follow this tutorial if you want to remove Electra1131 from your device.

Here are a few tutorials that will help you fix errors and bugs –

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