BaytSigner – Jailbreak iOS 10 without Cydia Impactor and Computer

Good news for all you jailbreakers! You can renew your iOS 10 jailbreak certificate without Cydia Impactor and computer with BaytSigner tool.

Let’s find out more about it below.

Why is BaytSigner?

As you know, Luca Todesco’s Yalu jailbreak IPA file must be installed using the Cydia Impactor tool on a computer. A few days ago, we told you about iOS Impactor, a Cydia Impactor alternative that works without a computer.

Saurik and Luca hinted that such a tool was under development and will be released to the public soon.

cydia installer ios 10

However, Luca got busy and Saurik was busy updating Cydia for iOS 10. Developer iMokhles came forward and developed a similar tool called BaytSigner.

iMokhles is a legit developer and has a good reputation in the jailbreak community. Here’s a tweet by Mokhlas Hussein aka iMokhles confirming BaytSigner’s release.

How BaytSigner Utility Works

BaytSigner allows you to sign Yalu directly from your web browser. You do not need a computer and Cydia Impactor to jailbreak/re-jailbreak your device with Yalu.


It’s a great web-based alternative to Cydia Impactor. Just like Cydia Impactor, BaytSigner requires your Apple ID, password and UDID number. Cydia Impactor doesn’t explicitly ask for your UDID as it directly accesses it through the USB connection.

Why is BaytSigner Useful?

BaytSigner comes in handy just in case you don’t have access to a computer to renew Yalu jailbreak’s certificate.

BaytSigner only supports Yalu102 jailbreak at the moment. If you are on an iPhone 7/7+, you are out of luck.

iMokhles has assured that BaytSigner will be updated for other apps as well.

You will be able to submit the link of IPA files and the tool will do the rest. If you have access to a computer, the conventional method is always recommended.

Before you proceed, make sure you disable Apple ID’s 2-step verification.

How to Jailbreak iOS 10 with BaytSigner

Step 1 Open BaytSigner website in Safari –

Step 2 Enter your Apple ID, password. (DO NOT use a paid developer account as it will crash all the apps).

Step 3 Enter the UDID of your device. If you don’t know your UDID, open Install the profile, enter your passcode and you will now be it will redirected to a website containing your UDID number.

Step 4 Select Install.

Step 5 After 7 days, you will again need to repeat the steps above to stay jailbroken.

Luca Todesco and Saurik are currently working on an automatic signature tool. This tool will be released soon. It will completely remove the annoying 7-day certificate limit.

Mokhlas has assured that he does not store Apple ID of users and the data is sent only to Apple’s servers. If you are still worried about security, just make another Apple ID and then use it.

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