Ext3nder – Automatically Install Cydia Extender and Sign Yalu Jailbreak

Eminent developer Julioverne has released an alternative to Cydia Extender Installer called Ext3nder. This new utility automatically installs Saurik’s Cydia Extender application along with Julioverne’s Extendlife tweak.

Let’s find out how it works.

  • Update (March 19) – The latest version 0.9.41_008b works with Coolstar’s Stashing enabled. If it was crashing on your device earlier, use the latest version.
  • Update (March 19) – The latest version is Ext3nder 0.9.41_008. It includes the auto-sign feature.

What is Ext3nder?

It is just a repackaged version of Saurik’s Cydia Extender utility. It has been modded heavily by Julioverne. Ext3nder now comes bundled with Extendlife.

The main feature of this application is automatic IPA signing.

cydia extender installer

Here are some of its features –

  • Automatic resigning of IPAs
  • Spoof TeamID
  • Auto Login
  • Revoke Certificates automatically
  • installd OTA Patch
  • No VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection needed

Which devices does Ext3nder support? 

It is compatible with the following devices.


  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus


  • iPad Pro (12.9 inches)
  • iPad Pro (9.7 inches)
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 4


  • iPod touch 6

Why is Ext3nder better than Cydia Extender? 

With Ext3nder, you don’t need to sign Yalu jailbreak (yalu102/mach_portal) manually every 7 days.

You just need to select the IPA file you need to resign from the Settings. It will handle the rest for you.

cydia installer ios 10

However, it has one shortcoming. Since it’s a debian package installed in jailbroken state, it will not work if your device is not jailbroken.

There are so many tools you can use to resign Yalu jailbreak. So if you are confused as to which method you should use, here are your options.

Now onto the installation tutorial.


  • A compatible device running iOS 10
  • Cydia application
  • AppSync

How to Install Ext3nder on iOS 10-10.2

Step 1 Remove Cydia Extender and ExtendLife if you have installed it already. Doing so will remove the VPN (Virtual Private Network) that Cydia Extender added. Ext3nder utility doesn’t make use of a VPN.

Step 2 Install the latest version of AppSync from Karen’s Pineapple repo. Read this step by step guide on how to install AppSync Unified for iOS 10. Do this only if you haven’t installed it. If you have AppSync installed already, go to the next step.

Step 3 Run iCleaner.

Step 4 Launch Cydia.

Step 5 Go to Manage > Sources.

Step 6 Select Edit at the top right > Add.

installd ota patch cydia

Step 7 Enter the URL of Julioverne’s repository – https://julio.xarold.com/

Step 8 Install Ext3nder tool. It should be successfully installed now. The best thing is that it doesn’t require any other tweak to work.


ext3nder utility by julioverne

Step 9 Reboot your iOS device.

Since a lot of users were not able to get it to sign properly, here’s the complete signing tutorial.

How to Sign Yalu/mach_portal with Ext3nder 

The installation part is over. Now you need to setup this tool properly.

Step 1 Open Ext3nder application from your home screen.

Step 2 Go to “More” section. First of all, add your device in the “Add Device” option. If you are using this application for the first time.

Step 3 Now you need to change your Team ID as it is spoofed by default. Otherwise, it will throw a lot of errors. To find your TEAM ID, read this guide.

Step 4 Copy your Team ID and add it to the “TeamID” section. Tap ENTER and Ext3nder will notify you to re-open it. Do it.

Step 5 Enter your details in “SAVE LOGIN APPLE” section. If you don’t want to use your primary Apple ID, you can create a new one and use that here.

Step 6 Go to the “AUTO SIGNER IPA” section and enable all the options given below –

  • Enabled
  • Prevent WiFi Disconnect

Also, enable the “Save Signed IPA” and “Show User Applications” options.

ext3nder autosign

Step 7 Select “IPA From Folder AutoSign” and download yalu102/mach_portal IPA from here.

Step 8 Open it using Filza and move yalu102/mach_portal IPA to this folder – Documents/Ext3nder/AutoSign.

ext3nder renew certificate

You’re all set now, Ext3nder will now automatically sign Yalu 2 days before 7-day expiration (every 5th day).

Enjoy your Untethered Jailbreak

This is the closest you can get to an untethered jailbreak on iOS 10 right now.

This tool is absolutely foolproof and never makes your device bootloop. If this tool doesn’t work for you, you can always use other tools given above. If you are facing any errors, be sure to leave a comment below. I will be happy to help.

If you are facing any errors, be sure to leave a comment below. I will be happy to help.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to give us a like on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Lyonel Harman

    On a 5s running 10.2 with expired Yalu cert. i am in a jailbroke state. Installed appsync u and Ext3nder. Ran autosign. Getting “Autosign: BundleId invalid” message.

    Could be I missed a step?

    • Hey Lyonel. Please retry the process again. It will work now.

      • Lyonel Harman

        Thanks. I messed up and upgraded to 10.2.1. I have 10.2 blobs saved but only have a windows machine. Not finding a way to downgrade without mac.

        • You will need to run a Mac VM for the downgrade.

          To set up a Mac VM, watch the video here – https://yalujailbreak.net/cydia-impactor-not-working/

          For the downgrade process, go here – https://yalujailbreak.net/how-to-use-prometheus/

          • What went wrong?

          • Lyonel Harman

            And this is how we learn. LOL! Thanks again I’ll keep you posted.

          • No problem. Just one question – did you set nonce in NVRAM?

          • Lyonel Harman

            I think I did but can’t remember for sure. Tried to do mac vm. Got a binary error. I have an amd processor and discovered VMware won’t work on amd?

          • Yes, it will not work on AMD.

  • Retweet


    I get this notification all the time any help

  • Retweet
    • Please try again after some time. This will fix the signing error.

  • Boosk

    How do I launch Cydia to download all these things if my certificate is already expired? What’s the best way to renew once I’m past the 7 days? I have Ext3nder on my phone but none of the other things. Any ideas?

    • Hey, Boosk. You need to tell me a few things first – your device and your firmware. Please explain which “other things” you are referring to here.

      • Boosk

        Ahh right, sorry! I have an iPhone 6, 10.0.2. The “other things” was I guess only appsync.

        • Is it working now?

          • Boosk

            I mean the phone works fine, but the jailbreak certificate ran out and the newest version of Impactor just says something about extender, which doesn’t work unless I have a developer account. It looks like the only way to extend the certicate is if the certificate is still valid….

            Does that make sense? Here is the timeline:

            7 days ago, I jailbroke
            I did a bunch of fun stuff
            Today I had to restart, and when I click on the yalu to rejailbreak it just opens and immediately closes
            I can’t re sideload yalu bc Impactor just talks about installing extender, and I can’t use Ext3nder because I don’t have appsync

          • Alright, I got you. This tool works in jailbreak mode only. When you reboot, your device doesn’t stay in that state.

            So first of all, re-jailbreak your device properly by following this step by step guide – https://yalujailbreak.net/rejailbreak-ios-10/

            I will then guide you from there.

          • Send me a screenshot, if possible.

          • Boosk

            Ahhhhhhhh I didn’t know the process to re-jailbreak was any different than the process to jailbreak. I didn’t do the “delete all the random crap” step, so I guess it thought I was still signed or something. Ok, I got it I think!! I went back to follow your guide and downloaded appsync, and now Ext3nder seems to be working just fine. Thanks!

          • That’s great! Glad you got it working.

          • Boosk

            Yeah man thanks so much! You’re doing amazing work around here in a community that often doesn’t work well with newbies like me lol

          • thanks a lot, Boosk. This means a lot to me.

  • André Aroso

    Why after signning yalu with ext3nder, it dont appear on certificates?

    • Hey, Andre. Can you please send me a screenshot?

      • André Aroso

        CertRemainTime tell me that I have 7 days left but when I go to settings>general>profiles there is no certificate for yalu

        • That’s weird. if CertRemainTime is showing that, you should be fine. Check again with YaluTime just to be sure.

          • André Aroso

            It shows the same thing. Should I reboot to know if it opens on non-jailbreakmode?

          • Reboot only if Cydia Impactor is working for you and you can re-jb. This tool won’t work in non-jb state though.

          • André Aroso

            It crashes when I try to open…

          • Which tool is crashing?

  • Riccardo Izzo

    I have installed Cydia Extender + ExtendLife: if I want to install Ext3nder, what should I do?
    It is sufficient to delete only the Cydia Extender IPA or Should I delete also the packet from Cydia ?

    • hello, Riccardo. Remove the package and then install the new version.

      • Riccardo Izzo

        Ciao Luca.. non avevo capito che parlassi Italiano 😀
        Quindi disinstallo “Cydia Extender Installer” da Cydia e poi elimino l’IPA di “Cydia Extender” e posso procedere con l’installazione di Ext3nder, giusto?
        Scusa, voglio solo essere sicuro di non fare danni.

        • Sì, disinstallare tale installazione anziana ed eliminare l’IPA. Quindi installare questo nuovo software.

          E per favore, non esitate a fare domande qui. In bocca al lupo.

          • Riccardo Izzo

            Grazie mille 🙂

          • prego amico.

    • JP

      You should delete both package. This should have been said in the tutorial. Others steps are missing like you need to enter your Apple ID and password in order for the tool to automatically resign. In my case I also had to reenter my Team ID since the wrong one was showing. And I didn’t have to remove the VPN profile as deleting the Extender IPA did it for me. If you did installed Extender before Appsync is already installed and there is no need to delete it and reinstall it. Once the installation is done, you will be force to respring. Make sure to reboot after that and rejailbreak. Then could use Ext3nder to resign your Yalu ipa. after that the app will resign it automatically 2 days before the expiration. This means that Ext3nder runs in background. I hope there is no battery drain because of this.

  • Napo Orsocapo

    Ciao luca. Allora, se non ho capito male (il mio inglese è a dir poco pessimo) io devo cancellare le firme di yalu dalle impostazioni, aprire Ext3nder mettere i miei dati da sviluppatore base firmare yalu ed impostare l’autosign. Purtroppo non trovo guide in italiano sull’argomento….grazie

    • Ciao, Napo. Non c’è bisogno di cancellare il certificato di Yalu. Hai solo bisogno di aprire ext3nder e rinnovare il suo certificato. Si farà tutto automaticamente.

      Spero che questo ti aiuti.

      • Napo Orsocapo

        Perfetto. Sembra molto semplice. Al momento non è ancora scaduta la firma. Devo inserire i miei dati da sviluppare e lui si arrangia a fare il resto giusto? Perdonami se chiedo conferma ma non vorrei incasinare tutto come il mio solito

        • Sì, questo è esattamente ciò che devi fare.

          Non esitate a chiedere tutte le domande che vuoi, Napo.

          • Napo Orsocapo

            ho aggiunto yalu alla cartella autosign, o messo il login apple, abilitato autosign. La voce “set team id” non la devo toccare giusto?

          • Sì, non c’è bisogno di toccarlo.

            Assicurati di controllare il tempo restante sul certificato di Yalu con CertRemainTime Tweak.

          • Napo Orsocapo

            Scade il 25. Poi cosa devo fare?

          • non c’è bisogno di fare nulla. Si rinnoverà automaticamente il certificato.

          • Napo Orsocapo

            Grazie mille!!!

          • benvenuto, amico

          • Napo Orsocapo

            Ciao luca. Allora, stamane mi son trovato una bella sfilza di notifiche da Ext3nder. Una diceva che il certificato era stato revocato e le altre con Apple account autenticated oltre ad una mail da Apple che il mio certificato era stato revocato. Ora yalu mi da che deve essere verificata è da impostazioni non riesco a verificarla. Che devo fare?

          • Ciao, Napo. Hai impostato correttamente il AutoSign? Prova sideloading Yalu con urto di nuovo con un altro account.

          • Napo Orsocapo

            Domanda stupida: devo mettere La password spedita da Apple come sviluppatore o quella del mio account normale?

          • you must enter the password/details of only the new account.

          • Napo Orsocapo

            allora! fatto tutto. recuperato il teamid e ho dovuto usare il mio account principale perchè apple non me ne ha lasciato creare uno fittizio….domanda: la firma si puo fare esclusivamente prima dello scadere del certificato o si puo fare tranquillamente anche dopo lo scadere della settimana senza fare la procedura di revoca?

          • Ciao, Napo. Si consiglia di firmare manualmente prima della scadenza del periodo di 7 giorni.

  • Captain

    I’m getting following Error ipa.cpp:438 cannot find .app/Info.plist
    How to fix this error? Thanks.

    • Try revoking your certificates.

  • disqus_hpM4cTYtOH
    • Please retry after a while and then report back.

  • Hello, Captain. Try using a different Apple ID and remove the certificates manually via Filza.

    • Captain

      Thanks Luca. I created new Apple ID but I don’t know what is the path for old certificates? Do you mind to let me know, so I can delete them? Thank you very much.

      • Here you go – https://yalujailbreak.net/cydia-extender-errors/

        Look for CPP 71 error section. The path is given there.

        • Captain

          Thanks again. Followed instruction, removed certificate. Now I’m getting provision.cpp:81 ios/addAppld =9401 An App ID with Identifier ‘kim.cracksby.yalu102’ not available. Please enter a different string.

          So, just to clarify. iPhone is jailbroken, cydia is working, didn’t reboot the phone but 7 day certificate expired. Do I have to actually reboot the iphone? Thank you, Luca.

          • Just wait a minute. I am updating the tutorial.

  • don marci

    Autosign: BundleID invalid …. is this known issue?

    • Retry after some time. It will definitely work.

  • Riccardo Izzo

    Ciao Luca, ho installato tutto come da guida mo ho dei problemi. Una volta installato Ext3nder, quando vado su Download->Imported e premo “Sign” ho il seguente errore:

    Error provision.cpp:81 ios/listAllDevelopmentCert = 3100 Unable to find a team with the given TeamID ‘YN3GF3Y6DD’ to which you belong. Please contact Apple Developer Program Support. https://developer .apple .com/support

    Ho cancellato sia il profilo manualmente con iFile e ho usato un nuovo account, ma ho sempre lo stesso problema 🙁

    • ciao, Riccardo. è necessario modificare l’ID TEAM. Login con il tuo ID Apple nelle Impostazioni e sarà cambiata.

      • Riccardo Izzo

        Ok, ho fatto i seguenti step:
        – Ext3nder->Altro e nella sezione “Set/Change TEAMID” clicco su “I don’t know…”
        – nella sezione “Save Login Apple” inserisco la mail e la password che ho nelle impostazioni del cell (Impostazioni -> iTunes Store e App Store)
        – riavvio Ext3nder
        – Ext3nder -> Imported -> seleziono match_portal+yalu-b3.ipa e clicco su “Sign”

        ho sempre questo errore

        Error provision.cpp:81 ios/listAllDevelopmentCert = 3170 Unable to find a team with the given TeamID ‘BQQ8VYHN85’ to which you belong. Please contact Apple Developer Program Support. https://developer .apple .com/support

        Nota: c’è ancora la versione di Yalu installata precedentemente, ma non credo sia quella a dare problemi

        • Riccardo Izzo

          Ho provato a fare un respiring e ripetere la procedura e ora l’errore è diverso:

          Error provision.cpp:81 ios/addAppId = 9401 An App ID with identifier ‘CY-************com.qwertyorui.opz.zmatch-portal’ is not available. Please enter a different string

        • Riccardo Izzo

          Problema risolto: ho copiato il TeamID presente nel file bundle di match_portal+yalu-b3.ipa e ora tutto funziona. Grazie 🙂

          • benvenuto amico. Mi sono occupato di aggiornare il tutorial. Scusa per il ritardo della risposta.

          • Riccardo Izzo

            Adesso la guida è perfetta: sei un GRANDE 🙂

          • grazie Fratello.

  • Giovanni Lodato

    Ciao luca a me continua a darmi l’errore in quanto l’original teamID è diverso dal current teamID

    • Ciao, Giovanni. È necessario modificare l’ID della squadra come mostrato qui. https://yalujailbreak.net/find-team-id-ios/

      Questo risolverà il vostro problema.

      • Giovanni Lodato

        Ti ringrazio luca, ma c’è un piccolo problema…non mi ritrovo la cartella embedded-mobile.provision

        • ciò errore viene quindi visualizzato?

      • Giovanni Lodato

        ciao luca ho modificato l’id ma in extender mi rimane sempre differente..altri consigli?

        • Non è una cartella, si tratta di un file nella cartella di yalu102.

  • Richard Tubbs

    I keep getting notifications from ext3nder?? Why??

    • Hello, Richard. What notifications are you getting? Please send me a screenshot, if possible.

  • Halil Dogan

    hi I’am getting this error: error (mach_portal)
    Version 1.0
    The bundle being installed
    with bundle ID
    is authorized by a
    free provisioning profile, but
    apps are not allowed to be installed
    from this source.

    • Hello, Halil. Have you changed your Team ID?

      • Halil Dogan

        No I don’t. I’m using Ext3nder.

        • Halil Dogan

          I have to open Terminal and type cyextender *team id*, after that it works. But why is that needed?

          • I think you are using Installer. You need terminal to install it.

        • Please change your Team ID as shown above. It will fix the issue. The link is given above for the Team ID tutorial so follow that. Report back after you do that. Good luck.

          • Halil Dogan

            I know my Team ID, where should I change it?

          • Change it in ext3nder as given above.

  • Eddie Blanco

    thanks! everything working on 10.1.1 except that it revokes my cert then signs it back about 4-6 times a day! why is this? 7+ 10.1.1

    • I suggest disabling the auto-sign feature altogether. Just renew the certificate manually.

  • Riccardo Izzo

    I have observed an heavy battery drain when the AutoSign is enabled 🙁

    • You can always disable the autosign and sign it manually before it expires. Hope this helps.

  • Jacob


    When every time I clicked revoke, it’ll show Extendlife Error get Account Info.