DoNotAnnoy Cydia Tweak – Stop Annoying Sound and Vibration Alerts

Today we have another tweak on our hands that aims to solve a pressing problem- non stop message alerts.

We all have “that friend” who likes to send each word in a new line. This leads to a lot of repetitive and downright annoying alerts on your iOS device. While it’s not much of a problem usually, it can feel uneasy if you are in the middle of something important or taking a nap.

This is where DoNotAnnoy Cydia tweak comes into action. This amazing tweak by Hrvoje Kostic blocks bursts of notifications from a contact.

DoNotAnnoy vs Do Not Disturb

DoNotAnnoy is way more useful than the standard Do Not Disturb feature of iOS that simply blocks all your notifications. DoNotAnnoy is different as it intelligently blocks notifications.


This tweak does not completely remove the notifications. You can always resume the conversation at a later time. DoNotAnnoy allows to mute the notifications during a certain interval of time between the frequent notifications of the same application.

DoNotAnnoy blocks sound and vibration alerts of notifications for a predefined interval. However, you always receive the first notification, but all the ones you receive afterwards will be muted according to your settings.

After installing this tweak, you can define the interval between notifications. Once the interval has passed, you will receive a notification again and so on.

DoNotAnnoy – Intelligent Blocking of Notifications and Alerts

donotannoy cydia tweak

DoNotAnnoy has a full fledged Control Panel that you can use to suit your needs. There are many settings that let you –

  • Enable or disable the tweak
  • Choose the time to mute notifications
  • Choose a filter mode
  • Enable tweak for group discussions
  • Apply to lock screen
  • Apply tweak to banners and alert messages while your device is unlocked
  • Disable for specific applications

Blacklist option comes in handy if you want to use the tweak for specific applications only. For example, you can enable this tweak for WhatsApp but prevent it from disabling notifications for Facebook.

For the price, it’s an absolute steal. If you want a much more streamlined experience, give it a go.

DoNotAnnoy is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo/source at the price of $1.99. It is compatible with iOS 9 and iOS 10 firmware.

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