How to fix “error: exploit” on Electra1131 jailbreak

Many users are constantly getting stuck on the “error: exploit” screen and are unable to fix it. Here’s a list of methods that will help you get past this error message once and for all.

What causes your iPhone to get stuck on the “error: exploit” screen?

Electra1131 jailbreak tool throws this error when it is unable to complete the exploitation process. It indicates that the exploit failed to “fire” and did not restart your Apple device.

The reason behind this is the low success rate of the kernel exploits developed by Ian Beer.

error exploit electra

Surprisingly, this error is prevalent on the multipath version of Electra jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 that offers a comparatively better success rate than its vfs counterpart.

Fixing the error: exploit message on iOS 11.2-11.3.1

Method 1

Close the Electra app from the app switcher and give it a go again.

Method 2

If the app still refuses to get past the “error: exploit” screen, reboot your iPhone or iPad in airplane mode and retry.

Method 3

Log out of iCloud and then sign back again. Again, this is not a proper fix but a few users have reported success after giving it a go.

Method 4 (Recommended)

Try using the vfs version of Electra jailbreak. For those who don’t know, this version is the “stock” version of the jailbreak tool and is aimed towards the average user.

You don’t need a paid developer account to install it on your iPhone or iPad. Its only major downside is its lower success rate, which means it can take you up to 10-20 tries to get it working.

While is not a proper fix, you can easily bypass all your errors just by installing it on your device. You can install the mptcp version below without having a developer account.

Remember, if you are already using the vfs version, follow this guide to switch to the multipath version.

Many users have reported success after trying the multipath or mptcp version.

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