Saurik vs Morpheus/Coolstar – Why isn’t Cydia updated yet?

The entire jailbreak community is desperately waiting for a Cydia update since quite a few days. Here’s the real reason why an update is taking a whole lot of time.

Saurik vs the World

Everyone knows Cydia is why users jailbreak their devices and the source of everything that’s good in the jailbreak world.

As soon as jailbreak developers prepare a jailbreak, Saurik begins to closely work with them to integrate Cydia in their tools.

However, things seem a bit different this time around because he is unwilling to work with any of the jailbreak developers and even contemplating about leaving Cydia’s development.

Here’s a detailed of explanation of feuds between Saurik and jailbreak developers and why this is happening. As always, I am not siding with or against anyone here, just reporting about what transpired between the various developers.


Jonathan Levin aka Morpheus posted a while back that he hates Cydia. The security researcher openly attacked Cydia and called its .deb format “crap”.

Here’s a tweet from his official Twitter handle.

Saurik was quick to respond to this.

The godfather of jailbreaking also said that all the new age developers hate him and Cydia and try to “poke” him on every conceivable opportunity.

Morpheus tried to contact Saurik and gave up on an update for LiberiOS when he didn’t answer him back.

Saurik was actively replying to comments and clearing doubts about the upcoming update all this while so he definitely chose to ignore all his requests.


Abraham Masri aka Cheesecakeufo openly stated on his Github page that he might remove Cydia from his iOS 11 jailbreak.

While he was quick to remove it, it did seem to irk Saurik a bit.

He later clarified that he only dislikes Cydia’s dependencies such as apt/dpkg, not the Cydia installer itself.


The young developer also said that adopting these dependencies for to.panga iOS 11 jailbreak is a lot of work and that’s why he decided to remove it altogether.


Saurik’s and Coolstar’s feud goes way back and is yet to show any signs of cooling down.

In 2014, Coolstar accused Saurik of stealing code from his ThemeLib project and implementing it in Winterboard theming tool.

Saurik actually never stole any code from anyone’s project and this is the reason why he abandoned Winterboard completely. There’s no Winterboard update for iOS 10 even till now.


Although Coolstar tried to contact him and even comment on his replies, Saurik didn’t pay heed to him for obvious reasons.

Coolstar later clarified that he isn’t working with Saurik on an update.

Why is a Cydia update getting delayed?

Cydia is getting delayed as Saurik is not really working alongside the developers who are actually working on an iOS 11 jailbreak.

Instead, Saurik is currently working with old-time jailbreak developers. He hasn’t clarified as to which team or group of developers he is working with on Substrate.

According to me, he is most likely working with the Evad3rs Dev Team, the developers behind evasi0n jailbreak.


He is working with these developers on specific parts of the upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak.

The reason behind this is that the older jailbreak developers worked in groups and teams instead of relying on open-source exploits and working on them independently.

Back in the golden days of jailbreaking, there was a lot less drama and the community worked as a unit instead of calling each other out.

Therefore, Saurik is working with those developers, who he knows and those who are still active to some degree in the security research community.

Upcoming Developments

1. MSHookRemote

MSHookRemote is a completely new component of Cydia. It is built from scratch by Saurik and will allow us to modify other processes while staying in one process.

He didn’t reveal many details about it but this but I guess this is the part he is working on with other developers.

2. Powerful Substrate

The upcoming version of Substrate is relatively powerful than the previous versions. It is more capable of injecting extensions into binaries.

This obviously translates into better and more potent tweak injection system for iOS 11.

Why do you think a Cydia update is getting delayed? Reply below.

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