Apple will stop selling iPhone X in September 2018

Apple’s flagship smartphone, iPhone X, continues to sell like free crack. Its newfound success, however, seems to be short-lived, here’s why.

Apple to halt iPhone X manufacturing in mid-2018

Apple recently announced its first quarter results for 2018. Undoubtedly, they again managed to stick it to other smartphone manufacturers such as Google and Samsung.

They made a killing despite selling lesser devices than the previous year, thanks to the iPhone X.

iphone x

iPhone X is a premium flagship smartphone and is sure paying dividends to Apple if we take a look at its commercial success.

Apple would have certainly sold even more units had they not delayed its release.

In a bizarre move, the Cupertino giant has now decided to stop manufacturing the smartphone sometime during the middle of the year.

Apart from that, they will completely stop selling it come September.

Why will Apple stop selling the iPhone X?

Discontinuing a device of iPhone ‘s caliber seems poor decision at the very outset.

However, the decision to halt the manufacturing of iPhone X and discontinue it quite strategic and overtly clever on Apple’s part.

Here are the reasons why Apple will be going through with its plans.

Firstly, iPhone X will hurt the sales of the upcoming smartphone lineup by Apple. This is something Apple wants to avoid at all costs.

Pulling it off the shelves will open up more room for the newer smartphones.

Secondly, the X was touted as a “limited edition” 10th-anniversary smartphone from the very beginning. Apple obviously wants to maintain exclusivity and create more hype around it. This will further increase the sales of Apple’s flagship device.

If you are already starting to miss this amazing smartphone, there’s no need to be upset. The current design isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

The upcoming smartphones by Apple will feature a similar design and have even better specs like a gigantic screen, improved Face ID, and wireless charging.

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