extra_recipe vs yalu102/mach_portal – Which is Better?

A lot of users are confused about using extra_recipe and yalu102/mach_portal. Here’s a quick comparison between these various jailbreak tools.


extra_recipe is a stable replacement for mach_portal jailbreak. It is developed by Xerub using Luca’s memprot bypass exploit.

extra_recipe makes your jailbroken device very stable and improves performance. You will not experience any random reboots and resprings with this version.


It is compatible with iOS 10-10.1.1 on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Here’s a list of all its features –

  • It installs Cydia and automatically enables Substrate.
  • backboardd daemon now works properly.
  • More stable than mach_portal and yalu102.

A new version of extra_recipe called extra_cydia has just been released. This version is extensively modified. It brings support for additional firmware and devices as well.


yalu102 and mach_portal were released alongside each other. It supports iOS 10.0.x, 10.1.x and 10.2 firmware.

yalu102 is compatible with all 64-bit devices except iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

ios 10 jailbreak

Here’s a list of all its features –

  • It installs Cydia and enables Substrate automatically.
  • It is stable only on a select few devices.

yalu102 is unstable on 4K devices such as iPhone 5, 6, and 6 plus. It makes your device susceptible to kernel panics and random reboots and resprings.

However, yalu102 is stable on 16K devices such as iPhone 6S and above.

  • Developer – Luca Todesco
  • Latest version – beta 7 (yalu102)
  • Download – yalu102


The latest beta version of mach_portal is still very unstable. It supports iOS 10.1-10.1.1 firmware only on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.


Here’s a list of its features –

  • It installs Cydia but does not automatically enable Substrate.
  • You need to install additional Substrate launcher tweaks to make it stable.
  • It does not launch backboardd daemon automatically.
  • It is less stable as compared to extra_recipe and yalu102.

I highly recommend you upgrade mach_portal and switch to extra_recipe.

  • Developer – Luca Todesco
  • Latest version – beta 3
  • Download – mach_portal

Which Jailbreak should I use?

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. You can use any of these jailbreak tools. You can even install multiple jailbreak tools and test out which one is more stable.

“Do not fix what’s not broken” still applies here. There’s no good reason to leave a stable jailbreak and upgrade. Here’s what I recommend –

  • If you are running mach_portal, upgrade to extra_recipe as soon as possible.
  • If yalu102 is running fine on your device, keep using it.
  • If yalu102 is not stable, upgrade to extra_cydia jailbreak.

You can go here if you want to know the difference between yalu102 and mach_portal.

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