Apple launches Security Research Device Program for hackers

Apple launches the “Security Research Device” program for security researchers and hackers. Here’s all you need to know about it. 

Apple’s Security Research Device Program goes live

Security Research Device program aims to provide “jailbroken” devices to independent security researchers. Unlocked devices will let hackers access the various components of the iOS operating system.        

According to Apple, a “Security Research Device” is a device that comes with root access and lets you configure the entitlements. It behaves just like a regular iPhone but is meant to be used in a controlled research environment.  

This will allow researchers to access test devices that are only available for Apple’s internal security team. If you are a security researcher, you can apply to the program here.    

Apple Security Research Device Program

Apple intends to lease SRDs on a 12-month basis. These devices are not meant for personal use and remain the sole property of Apple.         

Unsurprisingly, Apple has stringent vulnerability disclosure restrictions in place for this program. This is to dissuade security teams like Google Project Zero from using security research devices. 

Despite what many may believe, the Security Research Device program does not target the jailbreak community.

This program is aimed solely at professional researchers. It incentivizes vulnerability discovery by independent security teams and individuals.

Researchers who discover bugs with an SRD will automatically become eligible for the Apple Security Bounty program.      

How to get an Apple Security Research Device (for free)

What if we told you that you can get your hands on an Apple SRD for free. Don’t believe us?

Grab an A11 device (preferably iPhone X) and install checkra1n and KTRW kernel debugger on it.

checkra1n jailbreak

For those who don’t know, KTRW is an iOS kernel debugger for devices with the A11 Bionic processor. It is developed by Google Project Zero.

We also recommend getting a Bonobo JTAG/SWD Debug cable for debugging. 

That’s all there’s to it. You now have a homebrew Apple security research device!

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