Apple Watch Jailbreak Expected at MOSEC 2017 Conference

Today I have some good news for all Apple Watch owners. Apple Watch will be getting exploited at MOSEC 2017. Let’s find out more about this upcoming jailbreak.

Pwning Apple Watch

Max, a Ukrainian security researcher, is a new entrant in the jailbreak scene. He will be demonstrating several exploits for the Apple Watch at MOSEC 2017 Security Conference.

apple watch jailbreak

Max will discuss several watchOS security mechanisms, such as code signature, sandbox and memory protection.

Since watchOS is a modified version of 32-bit iOS operating system, many hacking techniques are similar.

He will also discuss many kernel-level Apple Watch vulnerabilities that will allow the attacker to SSH into the Apple Watch.

Max is not a newbie. Even though he is new to the jailbreak scene, he is an accomplished hacker.

He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a doctorate degree at the Ukrainian National Technical University.

max mosec

He is also a security researcher at Lookout with more than 10 years of hacking experience under his belt.

He is well known in the hacking circuit and has delivered speeches at many popular security conferences including BlackHat, Defcon and Ruxcon.

Apple Watch Jailbreak Coming Soon? 

Using these exploits, Max will elaborate on the techniques for developing an Apple Watch jailbreak tool. He will make of kernel analysis tools to achieve this.

Along with this watchOS jailbreak, Pangu team may also release an iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak at MOSEC Conference.

Here’s a cool concept demonstrating how Cydia would look like on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Cydia Concept

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Friday, April 14, 2017


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