How to Find an Apple Watch Compatible with iOS 10 Jailbreak

Not every watchOS version is compatible with a iOS 10-10.2. Here’s how to find an Apple Watch that is compatible with your jailbroken iPhone.

watchOS Compatibility

As you know, Yalu jailbreak works only with iOS 10-10.2 firmware versions. The compatibility of Apple Watch depends on the version of its operating system.

To pair an Apple Watch with your jailbroken iPhone, you must have a watchOS version between 3.0 to 3.1.3.

apple watch jailbreak

Here’s a list of watcOS versions that are incompatible with iOS 10-10.2 firmware –

  • watchOS version 2.2.2 and below (your iPhone will notify that your watchOS version is outdated)
  • watchOS version 3.2 and above (watchOS will notify that your iOS version is outdated)

Apple’s warranty replacement will most likely come with watchOS 3.2. So here’s a surefire way to find a jailbreak-compatible Apple Watch.

Finding Serial Number of Apple Watch Compatible with iOS 10-10.2

Step 1 Check the serial number present on the back of Apple Watch box.


Step 2 Now you must carefully inspect the 4th and 5th digit of the serial number. These numbers signify the manufacture date of that particular watch. Here’s what they mean –

  • 4th digit – Signifies in which half of the year the watch was manufactured.
  • 5th digit – Signifies the week in which the watch was manufactured.

Step 3 Check the range of serial number to ascertain the watchOS version. Here’s a table of what these letters and digits mean.

apple watch serial legend

  • watchOS version 3.0-3.1.1 – 4th and 5th digit between SD & SV.
  • watchOS version 3.1.1. – 4th and 5th digit between T1 & T3.
  • watchOS version 3.1.3 – 4th and 5th digit between T4 to T9 and TA to TF.

That’s all there’s to it. Once you get your hands on the right one, just snag it off the shelf!

Enjoy your Jailbreak with Apple Watch!

So hurry up before all these old Apple Watches get sold out! You can even buy a used Apple Watch if you can’t afford it or feel the price is too high. If it’s in good condition, you’re good to go.

Also, don’t forget to match its serial number with the one present on the watch case. This will ensure it is a genuine product, not stolen or fake.

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