How to Fix Yalu “failed, retry” Error [iOS 10 Jailbreak]

Several users reported that Yalu was throwing a weird “failed, retry” error each time they tried to jailbreak. Here’s a quick fix for this error.

This error usually occurs when you try to re-jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod. In some cases, the iOS device even rebooted after pressing the go button.

Here’s what the “failed, retry” error looks like.

failed retry error

Now onto the tutorial.

How to Fix Yalu Failed, Retry Error on iOS 10 Jailbreak

Solution 1

Step 1 Close all open applications.

Step 2 Launch yalu102 application.

Step 3 Wait for 10 seconds and tap “go”.

yalu 10.2 ipa

Step 4 If you get the “failed, retry” error, restart your device.

Step 5 Again launch yalu102 application, wait for a minute and close it.

Step 6 Start Yalu application and tap go.

Solution 2

Step 1 Enable airplane mode.

Step 2 Disable low power mode.

Step 3 Close all applications from App Switcher.

Step 4 Open Yalu and tap “go”.

Solution 3

Step 1 Close all open applications.

Step 2 Delete yalu102 application and restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod and .

Step 3 Download the latest beta of Yalu jailbreak from this link.

Step 4 Connect your device to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 5 Start Cydia Impactor tool and install Yalu jailbreak. For those who don’t know how to install Yalu, follow this guide.

Step 6 Start yalu102 application and select “go”.

This should fix your error. If the error still persists, keep doing it again and again. It can take many tries before it finally works.

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