ConditionalWiFi 2 – Selectively Disable Apps from using WiFi

Another day, another tweak. This tweak gives you more control over your WiFi and how apps can use it. Here’s how it works.

How ConditionalWiFi 2 Works

As the name suggests, ConditionalWiFi 2 Cydia tweak allows you to selectively turn off Wireless Data (WiFi) for certain applications. It is developed by tweak developer Andrew Wiiks, who is a member of iOS Creatix team.

The disabled applications will not switch to cellular data if you are connected to WiFi. You can configure its options from the Settings or the WiFi section.


How is this tweak useful?

I honestly can’t think of much use cases for this tweak but here are a few scenarios where this tweak can come in handy.


  • It is immensely useful when you are on WiFi with Cellular Data disabled. You can then block WhatsApp or any other app while you use any other app.
  • This functionality also comes in handy when you don’t want certain apps running through work WiFi. As you already know, nearly all office WiFi networks are monitored these days.
  • Certain applications require an internet connection to show advertisements. If you despise ads, just turn off WiFi for a particular app.
  • Several apps are major internet hogs and drain your connection. While this is not an issue normally, it can cause lower speeds if you are tethering. Switching off WiFi for certain data-heavy apps will ensure smooth tethering.

Download ConditionalWiFi 2 Tweak

If you find yourself in any of the situations given above, I highly recommend you give this tweak a try. At $0.99, its price is justified for the functionality it offers.

ConditionalWiFi2 is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for $0.99. It is compatible only with iOS 10.

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