Zeal – Advanced Battery Notification System for iOS 9-10

Another day, another tweak! Tweak developer Rabih has just released a new tweak on BigBoss Cydia repository.

Let’s find out what it does.

How Zeal Cydia Tweak Works

Is your battery always running low? Not anymore because Zeal is here to save the day.

Zeal Cydia tweak brings a revamped battery notification system to iOS 10. It replaces the native iOS 10 battery alerts with an advanced notification system.

zeal cydia tweak

This utility tweak comes with a lot of features such as –

  • Light and dark tweak themes
  • Battery saving mode
  • Brightness switcher
  • Turn off battery consuming features.
  • In-depth Battery info

It also offers many preferences to choose from. This will help you to perfectly customize it to suit your needs.

Download Zeal Cydia Tweak

This tweak is good for those who are always on-the-go. It will help you manage your battery in a much better manner.

If you are a casual user, you can use Activator or BatteryFlow instead of this tweak.

At this price, this tweak is a bit on the expensive side. There are many free battery management tweaks available that work the same way. I believe the developer should have instead priced it at $0.99.

Zeal is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo/source for $1.99. It is fully compatible with iOS 9 and 10.

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