PulseHUD Tweak Replaces Volume HUD with Pulses

Another day, another tweak! Eminent tweak developer, Ziph0n, has released a new Cydia tweak for iOS 7-10.

Let’s find out more about this tweak.

PulseHUD – Volume HUD Replacement for iOS 10

Admit it, the native Volume HUD just doesn’t cut it for us jailbreak addicts. We all want to tweak our setup to the last detail. This is where PulseHUD from Ziph0n comes in.

PulseHUD Cydia tweak completely changes the appearance of the Volume HUD with a slick pulse animation.

The smooth pulse animation gets triggered when you use the volume up/down buttons. It is very simple to use and offers just 2 options – Enable/Disable and Pulse Color selector.

Here’s a video demonstration of this amazing tweak.

PulseHUD Cydia Tweak [FREE]

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Thursday, March 23, 2017


You can easily customize the color of the dynamic pulse animation. Undoubtedly, it’s a great aesthetic enhancement for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Download PulseHUD 

It’s a solid tweak and above all, it’s free. No matter what kind of a setup you have, this tweak is a must-have.

PulseHUD is fully compatible with other HUD tweaks. You can use it with tweaks such as Sonus and ByeByeHUD to make your setup even better.

PulseHUD is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo/source for free. It is compatible with iOS 7-10. 

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