Luca Todesco to Speak at MOSEC 2017 Security Conference

MOSEC 2017 now has a new speaker and he’s none other than Luca Todesco. He will discuss modern iOS hacking techniques and explain the exploits used in Yalu jailbreak.

Discussing iOS Mitigation Techniques

Luca’s presentation will revolve around modern iOS mitigation techniques, their history, implementation and effectiveness.

Luca will also explain hacking techniques such as WatchTower and AMCC (hardware protection feature in iPhone 7).

mosec pangu

The Mobile Security Conference (MOSEC) is scheduled for Friday, June 23, 2017 at the Grand Kempinski in Shanghai. Here’s the official confirmation from Vangelis, the organizer of MOSEC Security Conference.

Todesco will highlight hacking techniques utilized by Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10. He will also touch on future hacking techniques such as control flow integrity.

Who knows he might throw in some fire mixtapes in there.

Is Luca Working on iOS 10.3 Jailbreak?

No, Luca Todesco has left the jailbreak community once and for all. He has no plans to come back anytime soon. The primary reason for Luca’s participation conference is to share his knowledge with fellow security researchers.


He will only expand on his Yalu jailbreak and other iOS hacking techniques.

This year’s MOSEC will surely be a treat to watch with hackers from around the world. We will have Apple Watch jailbreak demonstration by Ukrainian hacker Max.

Even Pangu team might demonstrate a jailbreak for latest iOS 10 firmware. However, this is purely speculative and nothing has been confirmed yet.

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