Cydia Tweak Compatibility List for iOS 13.5

The fifth iteration of unc0ver with iOS 13.5 support went public just a few days ago. If you are already jailbroken, check out the full list of Cydia tweaks that are compatible with iOS 13.5 firmware.

iOS 13.5 Tweak Compatibility Explained

Generally, all packages that support iOS 13.0-13.3 are compatible with iOS 13.5. The reason being that developers update their packages as soon as Apple releases a new operating system.

Since not many changes are observed across the various iterations of an operating system, jailbreak tweaks continue to work without compatibility issues.       

However, there are a few exceptions to the rule, such as Activator, Xeon, and App Admin.  

Nevertheless, developers are diligently working to release updated versions of their packages.

As of this writing, Kritanta, Matt Clarke, NoisyFlake, Karen among others have already pushed updates. Other developers will hopefully follow suit in the coming days. 


If you haven’t installed unc0ver on your device yet, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

For those of you without access to a computer, here’s how to jailbreak your iOS 13.5 device without a PC.            

Which tweaks are compatible with iOS 13.5?

The compatibility sheet is divided into three categories –

  • Working
  • Partially Working
  • Not Working

You can safely install on your device all the tweaks listed in the “Working” section.

We recommend steering clear of the tweaks that fall under the “Partially Working” and “Not Working” categories. These packages might cause issues (respring loops, crashes, etc) if installed on iOS 13.5 operating system.      


#InstalledShow number of installed packages from each source in Cydia
A-fontSystemwide font changer
ActivatorCentralized gestures, button and shortcut management for iOS
AirPayApple pay smaller like SmallSiri
AlertDismissChoose "Force Dismiss" on apps that dont support JB (like USAA)
Apps Manager
Appstore++Allows you to downgrade/upgrade apps in the AppStore, block updates, bypass 200MB limit ...
AppSync Unified
ArkromeBattery percentage inside the battery icon
AutoLockToggle (CCSupport)Turn on / off Auto lock from the control center.
AutoUnlockXUnlocks without the need of swiping up when face is recognized
BatteryLifeGives detailed information about the state of your phone's battery
BetterCCXIgives you enhanced Connectivity and Music Modules
BioProtect XS (iOS 12/13)Protect your apps with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode
BlockYouXAd Blocker
Boxy 4Change icon layout
Call Assist Bar
CarBridge (iOS 13 Lite)Just remote view of iphone
Cask 2animated table scrolling to all tables on iOS
CC On & Off
CCModulesadds third party app modules and utility modules to the iOS
control center
CCSupportAdds the ability for other developers to add their own modules
to the CC
ChoicyAn advanced tweak configurator
Clean Home Screen
CocoaTopGUI Process Viewer
ColorBadges (Packix)
ColorBanners 3
ColorFlow 5 (iOS 13)
ColorMeNotifs (Free)
ComplicationsPaid tweak that adds widgets to lockscreen ($1.99)
CozyBadgesRemoves application name from dashboard
Cuboidmake sure you grab the latest from the right repo ->
CuboidHome page layout tweak
CylinderChanges the animation when you swipe between pages on your homescreen
DLEasyAllow you to Download/share images & videos from social
apps easily
DockyCustomize look and icons in dock
Dolphin IOSGameCube and Wii emulator
Dotto+Adds Colored Dots To The Lockscreen To Indicate Pending
DoubleTapLockDouble tap homescreen wallpaper to lock
ereryou can change just about anything you want in your home or lock screenswhere's the repo?
FDotsRemoves page dots, updated app marks, badges
Filza File ManagerLets you get into the files of your phone (file explorer basically)
0Kinda obvious what it does
Flamecustomization features for the entire Cydia app
Flex 3~Beta86Develop your own tweaks and share them on the Flex Community
FoldedCustom folder options
GameGem (IOS 11.3.1 Version)Can edit game code to change coins/gems etc
Gestures13iPhone X gestures on devices with Touch ID
GoodWifiMore information about wifi networks in settings
GroupsGroups in Messages app
Haptic Keys
HarpyControl your network with ease
HideBarX [Public]Hides the iPhone X home bar
HideDockBGHide dock background
HideDotsHide Ugly HomeScreen And LockScreen Dots
HideLabels13Hide icon labels
Dynamic, live homescreen layout with an intuitive UI
Instagram++More options like downloading posts and secretly viewing
stories, dms etc.
InstaLauncher 2Launch any app instantly
IntelligentPass 3Disable passcode when not necessary
KeyShortcut ProKey shortcuts, profiles & configurable
KeySwipechange keyboard by swiping up/down
Liberty Lite
Liberty Lite (Beta)beta is slightly more updated, best to use this
Little11iPX gestures on Touch ID devices
Mega UHB(Untrusted Host Blocker) 9/10/11/12
Messenger No AdsHide Ads on Messenger app
MImportMedia Importer Directly From Music App
MirrorSelfieMirror the selfie that is saved
NetKillUIBetaAllows you to kick people of your wifi
NoClutterHide elements that clutter iOS
1Removes the dictation button in the keyboard
NoDNDBannerRemoves the Do Not Disturb banner on the lock screen
NPurgePurge notifications by refreshing
NudePass ScreenHides circles in pass screen when opening
OneNotifyAlways see your notification on your lockscreen
OnlineNotifyTrack your friends on WhatsApp Messenger
Peekable3D Touch on Non-3D-Touch Devices
PerfectTime XSAdd other information in top left corner of screen
PhoneScrollTap In Selected Tap Bar For Scroll To Top
PhotoData 12
PowerAppReboot, Shutdown, Respring, and more
Allows reboot, respring and ldrestart from "Slide to power off" screen and Control Center
PowerSelector (iOS 11 to 13)
PreferenceOrganizer 2"Organises and de-clutters your Preferences app into several
configurable categories for ease of navigation."
ProperLockGesturesDouble tap to lock the device
PullOver Proa small tab on the side of the screen which allows you to pin
an app and pull it over the current app
QuitAllAdds button to quit all apps in the app switcher
RealCCdisables Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the CC
ReProvisionRe-sign applications on your device
RhinoDownload Instagram Live Videos and more
Rocket for InstagramSave posts and view stories anonymously and do much more
Safari FeaturesGives safari the iPad loadout
Safari PlusVarious enhancements
SawCuts off useless space below the tab bar in apps
Settings Widget
Shark (Facebook Messenger)
Shuffle preference app tweak that organizes your settings
into easier to navigate sections
Simple LS 2
SmallSirireduces that window to the size of a notification banner
Snapper 2Pin screenshots on the screen
Snowboard Settings Icons ExtensionSettings Icons for SnowBoard
SobaBattery + Cellular status icons for Alkaline
Social Downloaderdownload videos/gifs from social media
SpotlifeSpotify Premium for free. Everything unlocked except
Springtomize 5
Super Recorder X+ (iOS 12,13)Native Call Recorder & Voice Amplifier
SwipeSelectionSwipe along the keyboard to move the cursor and select text
System Info
TikTok God
TinyBanners 2
Twitter ++
Twitter No Ads
UtubedYoutube adblock
Velox ReloadedAdds nice widgets to your
Watusi 2 for WhatsApp
WiFi Passwords
XenInfoAllows data access to XenHTML widgets
YouTube Reborn
Youtube ToolsBackground play, no ads, hide tabs..for Youtube app
ZebraAlternative Package Manager
LiveRingsTurns Rings to reflect real rings.

Partially Working

AirPortMakes airpods ui colour black
AwesomePageDotsAdds a nice animation to the page control on the iOS homescreen.
BatteryPercentXShows the battery percentage in upper right (phones with notch)
BloardDark/Grey Keyboard in all apps
CallBar XS (iOS 12/13)
ColorMyBatteryLets you change the color of your battery icon
ComplicationsPaid tweak that adds widgets to lockscreen
Filza File Manager
Filza File Manager
HomePlus BetaDynamic, live homescreen layout with an intuitive UI
iCleaner ProCleans up unneeded or left over files
KillX Pro
Magma EvoRedefine your Control Center
MikotoSome of the options (especially
Notifica [Kritanta Repo]Color notifications in banners and Notification Center
Phantom [Beta]Tweaked Snapchat
Phonecaller3Find out who's calling before answering
PowerSelector (iOS 11 to 13)
ReflectionMirror your front camera the way Snapchat does it
ReProvisionResigns sideloaded apps
RestoreRootFS (Unc0ver)UPDATE: Refreshing Icon Cache Fixes the problem. Updated to partially. Was not a issue on iOS 12.4
Simple Passcode
Xeon (Beta)Zeppelin / Alkaline alternative
YT ++ for YouTube

Not Working

App Admin
Appconreplace any app icon with an image from your photo library or
directly from a URL
CCMusicArtworkShows music artwork in the music controls in CC
Cydia Substrate
Flamecustomization features for the entire Cydia app
HomeGestureiPhone X gestures on devices with Touch ID
IpadifyGive iPad capabilities to your iPhone
NanoBanners [Nepeta Mirror]Makes notification banners small on screen
PokeboxGives notification Pokemon style text and animation
Popcorn Time
SelectionPlusmakes the text selection menu any size you want
Shylabels13app labels will hide themselves when not in use
Slices 3Allows you to have multiple setting and data bundles for a single application.
System InfoSystem information
tweakCompatibleShows which tweaks are compatible with your iOS. Like this list here

Which tweaks have you tested?

The aforementioned list is a work-in-progress and does not contain all packages for iOS 13. As more users upgrade and move to unc0ver v5.0.0, you can expect more tweaks to be added above.   

This list is maintained by the jailbreak community. You can contribute by listing below the compatible packages you have tested on your device.  

If you are planning to test a tweak, please consider leaving a comment below detailing your device and its compatibility status.


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