This Free Cydia Tweak Plays Songs at Random for Alarm!

Every morning the alarm clock goes off at the same time with the same tone. This forces us to wake up to stop the blissful alarm coming from our iPhone. Although iOS offers us a large number of tones to wake us up without getting up pissed off.

By always hearing the same music, eventually we get tired of all of them. We even begin to use songs from our library so that the unpleasant work of waking us up is a little smoother. Even this forces you to regularly change the song so as not to end up hating the song.


If you have a jailbroken device,  you can download the CasualAlarm tweak from Cydia store. This tweak plays random songs from your library every time the alarm sounds making this hard task of getting up each day a lot more entertaining and enjoyable with your favorite music.

After installing this innovative Cydia tweak, you just need to edit the alarm data to select Random Song and you’re done.

To disable this tweak, you just have to select a specific song or sound that you select regularly. As is evident, the more songs you have stored on your device, the longer it will take to be repeated when you wake up.

This tweak is available for download through the BigBoss repo for free. It also requires at least iOS 9 or later to work.

CasualAlarm only works with the music you have stored on your device, either downloaded via Apple Music or transferred from iTunes. It does not work with third party applications like Spotify.

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