How to use Cydia Eraser on iOS 10.3-10.3.3

Cydia Eraser is an essential utility for all jailbreakers but is yet to receive an update on newer firmware. Here’s a small fix that you can use to make it compatible with iOS 10.3 firmware.

Why doesn’t Cydia Eraser support iOS 10.3?

As you know, Saurik hasn’t been active in the jailbreak scene of late. Since he is the only developer of Cydia Eraser, a proper release has been delayed.

Cydia Eraser will definitely receive an update in the future, that’s for sure. But you must keep in mind that there’s no official ETA yet.

With that said, you can still use Cydia Eraser by applying a few simple “hacks”. All you need to do is rename a couple of files using a file manager and you are all set.


You can use this trick with any jailbreak tool that currently supports iOS 10.3 firmware like g0blin or doubleh3lix. This method was discovered by Sticktron and arinc9.

Before you move onto the tutorial, ensure that you have functional file manager such as Filza installed on your device.

Get Cydia Eraser to work on iOS 10.3-10.3.3

  • Open Filza file manager
  • Go to this location – /Applications/
  • Delete Eraser_ file
  • Rename Eraser file as Eraser_
  • Restart your device and re-jailbreak

You can use the exact same fix for other apps that don’t work on iOS 10.3.x such as CocoaTop,  BytaFont 3, CrashReporter, etc.

This method only works with jailbreak apps, not jailbreak tweaks.

Here’s how you can get BytaFont to work on your device.

  • Open Filza
  • Go to /Applications/
  • Delete BytaFont3
  • Rename BytaFont3_ as BytaFont3

You can repeat this process for other apps as well except for GameGem, which has a different location and file names.

  • Open Filza
  • Go to /Applications/
  • Delete _MemSearch
  • Rename MemSearch as _MemSearch  

Were you able to get Cydia Eraser working on your device? Leave your comments below.

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