Download epimetheusXI jailbreak by ijapija00

The most hated developer, ijaija00, is back on the jailbreak scene. He has just released a new jailbreak tool, epimetheusXI, for iOS 11 firmware. Here’s how you can download and install it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What is epimetheusXI?

epimetheusXI is an iOS 11-11.1.2 jailbreak based on the async_awake exploit. It is developed by notorious tweak developer, ijapija00.

As of now, Cydia doesn’t work like it should and tweaks are incompatible. Think of it as a more beefed-up proof-of-concept version of async_wake with Cydia.


Here’s what works in beta 1 version –

  • Cydia (icon only)
  • SSH access
  • Partial AMFI bypass
  • OTA update patch
  • tfp0 patch
  • Read/write access

Is this tool legitimate?

ijapija00’s tools aren’t really known for their legitimacy in the jailbreak community. He did fake quite a few jailbreak tools in the past.

Although the developer claims he will push a Substrate fix soon, I don’t think that is possible as Cydia is not open source. Therefore, this tool will remain useless until Saurik pushes an update.

Warning – DO NOT try this jailbreak at this moment. Users who tried the IPA file got their devices stuck in a bootloop. If you still want to give it a try, use a spare device on iOS 11.

Download epimetheusXI

How to install epimetheusXI jailbreak

Step 1 Sideload the IPA with Cydia Impactor.

Step 2 Run the app.

Step 3 Wait until your device resprings. Once it does, you will be able to access Cydia. Remember, you still can’t install or run Debian packages.

Step 4 As is evident, it does install Cydia.tar on your device. It also installs a 0byte file with the extension .ijapija-was-here. This file prevents the app from installing Cydia again and again.


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