ijapija00 leaves the Jailbreak Community and sells all Cydia Tweaks

A new developer has just quit all tweak development. Here’s all you need to know about it.

ijapija00 leaves the Jailbreak scene

Notorious tweak developer ijapija00 has just left the jailbreak scene. The reason being “the damaged community”.

Here’s a tweet from his official Twitter handle that confirms this.

Although he will no longer develop tweaks for the public, you can still hire him for $15 an hour.

For who don’t know, he has has had a turbulent history in the jailbreak community. He has beefed with many tweak developers and released bogus tweaks that bootlooped a lot of devices.

The developer also claimed to have an iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak, which Saurik quickly debunked.

All things considered, some his Cydia tweaks were actually useful. While many jailbreakers absolutely despise him, the jailbreak community will still end up having one developer less at the end of the day.

ijapija00’s Cydia tweaks are now on sale

You can now purchase the source code of all of his Cydia tweaks. All his tweaks are iOS 11 ready and come with a private DRM system.

This DRM system is highly secure and the developer will also provide updates if it ever gets cracked by the likes of Julioverne.


Here’s the complete price list of all the tweaks-

  • Amaro X – $650
  • Callisto Pro – $500
  • Lysithea X – $200
  • DragMeDown – $125
  • Amalthea 2 – $100
  • DockXI – $50
  • Creamy – $25
  • CustomTime+ – $25
  • LastTimeUnlocked – $25

Either you can buy these Cydia tweaks at their list price or you can bid according to your liking. If you want to buy his tweaks, contact him at [email protected].

You can read more about ijapija00 here –

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