EnhancedSwitcherClose – New Swipe functions for App Switcher

Another day, another tweak. This tweak aims to enhance your App Switcher by adding a unique feature. Here’s how it works.

How EnhancedSwitcherClose works

The stock App Switcher swipe function is limited to closing apps and that’s all. There are many jailbreak tweaks that enhance the swipe action and one such tweak is EnhanceSwitcherClose.

EnhanceSwitcherClose Cydia tweak adds cool new swipe functions to the App Switcher. It is developed by tweak developer DGh0st.

It adds the following options within the App Switcher to the swipe action screen –

  • Launch
  • Dismiss Switcher
  • Close
  • Relaunch

You can also dismiss the App Switcher or kill it altogether. Here’s how it looks like in action.


EnhanceSwitcherClose comes with a comprehensive Settings section. It gives you the ability to customize each and every aspect of this tweak –

  • Enable or disable each action individually.
  • Assign actions to individual applications.
  • Change colors of the lines present on each App Switcher card.

You can also assign any function to each action yourself from the following options –

  • Respring
  • Kill-all Applications
  • Relaunch-All Applications
  • Quick Launch Applications
  • Launch
  • Dismiss Switcher
  • Safemode

Download EnhancedSwitcherClose tweak

EnhanceSwitcherClose is a must-have tweak for anyone looking to get more out of App Switcher. It should at least go for $0.99 or even more than that. Highly recommended.

If you decide to install this tweak, I highly recommend you shift the options to the left. Doing so will give you a proper view of all the functions, which often get hidden by other cards.

EnhancedSwitcherClose is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for free. It is compatible with iOS 9 and 10.  

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