Saurik will not release a jailbreak [SpartaHack 2018 Highlights]

After a lot of hype, the hackathon concluded without a trace of Saurik’s iOS 11 jailbreak. Here’s all you need to know about this not-so-popular event.

Why did SpartaHack IV gain so much attention?

SpartaHack is a small hackathon organized by the Michigan State University. It is attended by around 30-40 coders and programmers.

Jailbreakers were oblivious to it but the event generated a lot of hype this time around. Saurik was touted to demonstrate the upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak tool at this event.


However, nothing much came of it except a small Q&A session and presentations on a variety of topics.

Here are the details of Saurik’s Q&A session as posted by an attendee.

Q&A session with Saurik

Q. What did Saurik talk about?

A. Saurik talked about jailbreaking and other “hot” topics like net neutrality, privacy, Artificial Intelligence, etc.


He also talked about how important privacy is and how even trusted companies can steal your data.

Q. When will the iOS 11 jailbreak drop?

A. Saurik gave no ETA but remarked that he is close to finishing it.

iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak

He is applying the finishing touches and there are still some components that need his attention.

Q. When are the “Reloading Data” t-shirts coming?  

A. Again, there was no ETA but he did say that he was working on it.

The older manufacturer he was working with went out of business. Therefore, Saurik is now working on the design and shipping with a new manufacturer.

Q. What are Saurik’s thoughts on the future of jailbreaking?  

A. As always, he wasn’t too optimistic about the current state and the future of jailbreaking.

Q. Will Substrate ever become open source?

A. Jay said if jailbreaking became over, he would open source the Substrate.

Q. Why did his website go down?

A. His website actually went down due to a host outage. He didn’t get the chance to fix it because he was attending SpartaHack.

Freeman actually attends a lot of hacking conferences and events in the US and Europe. If you ever want to meet the godfather of jailbreaking in flesh, I highly recommend attending such an event.

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