Apple Watch Series 3 will be Launched Alongside iPhone 8

Apple has been collaborating with Quanta Computer for a long time as a major supplier of Apple Watch, introduced in late 2014 and promoted to the market in the spring of 2015.

Apple Watch coming in September

If rumors are to be believed, the Cupertino giant is all set to unveil the new Apple Watch Series 3 in September.

They will follow the tried and tested formula of introducing secondary devices along with their main device, iPhone 8.

apple watch

Here’s the full list of devices that will be introduced in 2017 –

  • iPhone 7s
  • iPhone 7s Plus
  • iPhone 8

Several market analysts also suggest that Apple will get Compal onboard. They will make Apple’s line of wearable devices. However, they will only produce models of previous generations.

This will give Quanta Computer Inc. ample time to prepare for the upcoming Watch.

New Features in Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 will feature better hardware, higher processing speed, and solid battery life.

This series will be the first to receive the highly requested feature – LTE/cellular connection. The standalone connection will allow you to call or access the internet without staying connected to iPhone.

apple watch jailbreak

This will be a brand new addition as it’s not possible to so in Series 2. A standalone connection will make the wearable independent of the smartphone.

This new iteration will stick to the good old strap design and Apple will most likely not experiment with its look. What do you think this new wearable will bring? Let us know in the comments section below.

What do you think this new wearable will bring to the table? Let us know in the comments section below.

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