Saurik quits jailbreak development, won’t update Substrate for A12 devices

Apparently, Saurik has quit the jailbreak community and has no plans on updating Substrate. Who’s going to update Substrate for A12 devices now? Let’s find out below.

Saurik quits jailbreak development amid Substrate issues  

Yes, you read that right! Saurik, the godfather of jailbreaking, has ceased jailbreak development and urges all users to move on and forget that Cydia ever existed. 

The old-guard developer posted a string of long-winded tweets on his Twitter handle. The tweet embedded below where he talks about Cydia and the jailbreak scene is by far the most hard-hitting.   

Despite his busy schedule, Saurik did get a few days worth of work done on a Substrate update. Surprisingly, PAC (Pointer Authentication Codes), which is difficult to bypass, wasn’t an issue whatsoever.  

In fact, his problems were exacerbated by an all-new security mechanism called “Page Protection Layer” that Apple introduced in the A12 processor.

It adds an entirely new layer of codesigning – “physical map codesign” and makes code injection harder than before. 

What next for Saurik?

To be honest, Saurik’s comments aren’t unfounded at all.

We all know jailbreaking is getting harder by the day and the perpetual stream of public exploits and vulnerabilities is drying up.

To make matters worse, the scene has been taken over kids and childish developers who like to spend their time flaming each other over trivial matters.  

The man has been developing for the jailbreak community for more than a decade. So, it’s easy to understand why he’s sick to the stomach of anything related to iOS jailbreaking. 

jay Freeman aka Saurik

According to us, Saurik should consider leaving the scene altogether and open source Cydia Substrate and everything else.

Moving forward, this would allow fresh talent to come up and ensure the survival of the community he single-handedly founded years ago.  

If you are an active jailbreak user, be sure to vote below and help Saurik decide his future course of action.

Wen eta Substrate update?

Since Saurik has dropped the ball, plenty of reputed jailbreak developers have come forward with their offerings.

Each of these developers has a unique vision of how tweak support should be integrated into an iOS 12 jailbreak. 

Coolstar and Pwn20wnd, both of whom have been at loggerheads of late, plan to incorporate Substitute in Electra and unc0ver jailbreak tools respectively.

Ace hacker Jake James has also thrown his hat in the ring. He plans to add rootlessJB-style rudimentary tweak support to any of the existing jailbreak tools. 

No matter what happens in the future, we will keep you posted on the latest developments as they come in.

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