Team Pangu demos iOS 14 jailbreak at MOSEC 2020

Team Pangu has demonstrated a jailbreak for the iOS 14 operating system. Will the Chinese security team release its jailbreak publicly? Let’s find out below. 

Team Pangu jailbreaks iOS 14.0 Beta

Team Pangu has successfully jailbroken iOS 14 – the latest mobile operating system from Apple. The team demonstrated its latest development at MOSEC 2020 security conference in Shanghai, China.

Although the checkra1n team has already jailbroken iOS 14, its jailbreak only works on devices with the A11 chip (or below). Pangu jailbreak, on the other hand, also supports devices running A12 or A13 Bionic system-on-chip.    

The picture features the classic Pangu jailbreak app with the team’s iconic logo in the middle. The app also features a “START” button to kickstart the exploitation process.

The device in question is an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 14.0 Beta operating system. The macOS console shows that the team has full-blown root access to the device.   

Surprisingly, Team Pangu revealed another novelty at this event – an unpatchable SEP (Secure Enclave Processor) vulnerability. MOSEC confirmed this development on its official Weibo account.   

Team Pangu SEP bug

The Chinese hacking team will most likely end up selling its exploits to Apple or a private buyer. If the vulnerability is sold to Apple, the exploit will get patched in the final version of iOS 14, which is all set to be released this fall.

For those who don’t know, the team sold its iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak to Apple for a whopping $1.25 million back in 2017.

Will Team Pangu release iOS 14 Jailbreak?

Team Pangu went “private” a few years ago. They built up their resume by releasing a couple of free jailbreaks. As a result, the Chinese security team attracted a lot of attention in the security community. 

Pangu released their last public jailbreak for iOS 9 in 2016 and then – much like TaiG – disappeared from the scene.

The team abandoned jailbreak development and now offers its wares to the highest bidder.           

pangu team

Team Pangu

Make no mistake, Team Pangu is still at the top of its game, but it’d be prudent of us to not expect any releases from them in 2020.     

While we won’t get a jailbreak from Team Pangu, it’s refreshing to know that iOS 14 contains vulnerabilities that could lead to a jailbreak in the future.                       

Who do you think will release iOS 14 jailbreak first? Drop your thoughts in the comment box.

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