checkra1n team jailbreaks iOS 14.0 Beta within two days of its release

checkra1n team has successfully jailbroken the first developer beta of iOS 14.0. Here’s what this development means for everyone involved in the jailbreak community.

checkra1n is able to jailbreak iOS 14.0 Beta 

Apple unveiled iOS 14.0 at the annual WWDC conference on June 22. The first beta of iOS 14.0, along with iPadOS 14, was subsequently released to the developers.

Thanks to the checkm8 BootROM exploit, hackers were able to jailbreak iOS 14.0 Beta within just two days of its release.

A checkra1n team hacker, Dany Lisiansky, teased a screenshot of a jailbroken device on his Twitter handle. 

The screenshot displays the App Library with checkra1n Loader and Cydia, the mainstay jailbreak package manager, grouped together in the “Other” section.

But here’s the catch – this jailbreak only supports iPhone X and older devices.  

Unfortunately, iPhones newer than the iPhone X are not compatible with the checkm8 exploit and, therefore, hackers must rely on a software exploit to jailbreak them.     


Despite what many believe, Apple has changed a lot of stuff in iOS 14. Consequently, jailbreaking and, by extension, tweaking have become harder when compared to iOS 13 and older firmware.

From what we can tell, jailbreaking iOS 14 was quite a challenge even though the checkm8 exploit is immune to software-based patches.

Based on other tweets by Lisiansky, running unsigned code on iOS 14 will also prove to be a major challenge in the future.            

checkra1n jailbreak

The developer team behind checkra1n will have to ensure that their software works on macOS Big Sur. Furthermore, tweak developers need to find workarounds to circumvent the new defensive mechanisms present in iOS 14.                

While no release date has been announced yet, checkra1n will most likely be released when the first stable version of iOS 14 is out this fall.

The team could try to release an early version of checkra1n jailbreak for power users running iOS 14.0 Beta. 

Will you wait for an iOS 14.0 jailbreak or stick to your current version? Let us know in the comments below.

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