MiniCC Tweak Adds a Slick Mini Control Center to iOS 10

Another day, another tweak! Tweak developer Antique Dev is on fire. He has just released another awesome tweak for iOS 10.

Let’s find out more about this tweak.

How MiniCC Cydia Tweak Works

Admit it, the native iOS 10 Control Center is a bit too big in size for many users. For those into minimalistic setups, this is even more of a problem. This is where MiniCC Cydia tweak comes into action.

MiniCC Cydia tweak minifies your Control Center. This makes your setup look much more elegant and minimalistic.

Here’s what you Control Center will look like after installing this tweak.

minicc cydia tweak

Download MiniCC Cydia Tweak

It’s a simple yet elegant tweak. If you are into iOS themes and setups, this tweak is absolutely indispensable. Definitely recommended!

I hope the developer removes the night shift and Airdrop icons in a future update. This would make the Control Center look neat.

It is compatible with tweaks such as Noctis, Horseshoe and FlipControlCenter.

MiniCC is available for download on repo for free. It is fully compatible with iOS 10. 

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