BatteryPlus Tweak Brings Improved Battery Life and Fast Charging

A new Cydia tweak called BatteryPlus has just been released. It increases your battery life purportedly.

Let’s find out if it really does anything.

How BatteryPlus Cydia Tweak Works

BatteryPlus Cydia tweak “claims” to increase the battery life of your device. It also reduces the charging time without any hardware implementation.

Its developer Rishanan has stated that it optimizes processes that are not currently in use.

iphone battery

In reality, all it does is hook boolean values and return no. A better alternative is Dissident Cydia tweak.

This tweak offers the following features –

  • Quick Charging
  • Improved battery life
  • Modifies daemons
  • Prevents overheating of battery
  • Based on Mobile Substrate

Here’s what DetailedbatteryUsage shows after installing this tweak.

battery plus cydia tweak

BatteryPlus works right out of the box and requires no configuration. However, it does need some time to properly adapt to your device.

Is BatteryPlus Cydia Tweak Safe?

Simply put, no. It edits a lot of background processes. This can hurt your device in the long run.

Stability of your device outweighs all the benefits of increased battery life. This is why I don’t recommend installing this tweak at all.

It also disables the mechanism that your device uses to check if the battery is getting hot. iOS 10 jailbreak is precious and you should stay away from this tweak for now. If you have it installed, remove it as soon as possible.

BatteryPlus is available for download on for free. It is fully comptible with iOS 10.

Here are some other Cydia tweak you may like –

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try it on a spare device. Don’t forget to share your experience below.

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