Luca Todesco exploits iOS 11 Shellcode, moves closer to a Jailbreak

As you already know, Luca Todesco is now back to the jailbreak scene. Here’s what the young hacker has been up to, of late.

Luca hacks iOS 11 shellcode

Luca Todesco, the developer of Yalu jailbreak, has just teased a new exploit on Twitter. Here’s the tweet he posted on his official Twitter handle.

By the looks of it, the application shown in the tweet seems to be running a “shellcode” exploit.

The “shellcode ran?!” alert hints that the shellcode has been successfully exploited.

For the uninitiated, the shellcode is a set of machine instructions that can be executed when a hacker breaks into an application.

Is an iOS 11 jailbreak inbound?

Maybe, maybe not – no one can really confirm anything at this point. Luca has already said he will never ever release a public jailbreak again.

However, he still keeps hacking and exploiting iOS devices and who knows he just might release a new jailbreak soon.

As far as this new exploit is concerned, it is still a far cry from a proper jailbreak. It’s simply a WebKit eSignal Formula Script (EFS) bug that is relatively less powerful than other high-level exploits.

ios11 jailbreak

That said, a hacker can utilize it to develop a browser-based online jailbreak tool like JailbreakMe. This way we won’t need to use a computer to sign the jailbreak app every 7 days to keep the jailbreak functional.

Apart from that, we would also require a powerful iOS 11 exploit.

What do you think – will we get an iOS 11 jailbreak soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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