5 Tips to Increase Performance of Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, iPod

Admit it, after a while your jailbroken device becomes slower and experiences a decline in performance. Here’s how to make your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod run like new again.

This tutorial is not limited just to iOS 10. These tips apply to iPhone, iPad and iPod on pretty much all firmware versions.

1. Run iCleaner Pro

There’s a reason why iCleaner Pro is the top tweak in my list of 13 essential Cydia tweaks. iCleaner cleans up most of the junk on your device and keeps it running in tiptop condition.

icleaner pro

Simply download it from Cydia and run it. Running it will help your device get rid of cache and other junk files.

This will increase performance and fix most of your issues. Apart from that, you can also disable launch daemons that you don’t require.

2. Remove Pirated Tweaks and Apps

Although, most pirated Cydia tweaks and applications are harmless, they can still slow your device down. It’s always better to stick to genuine versions of a tweak.


Most of the tweaks from pirate repositories don’t carry the latest updated version. Using obsolete versions of Cydia tweaks can result in performance issues.

Tweak developers often release updates for their tweaks. More often than not, these updates carry performance and compatibility fixes.

3. Limit the number of Installed Apps and Tweaks

Limiting the number of installed applications and tweaks goes a long way. Any operating system gets bogged down if you install too many applications.

iphone jailbreak performance

iOS is just another operating system and hence the same rule applies here as well. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t install Cydia tweaks.

Just keep in mind that performance will take a hit once you go overboard with tweaks.

You can replace tons of small tweaks with Springtomize 4 and HideMeX. These tweaks offer same functionality as that of many tweaks.

4. Reboot your Device Weekly

Yes, simply rebooting your device can enhance performance. Rebooting does have an impact on your device and helps much more than most people think.

speed up iphone

I suggest rebooting at least once a week.

5. Restore your Device without Losing your Jailbreak

Sometimes, all you need to repair your device is the good old restore. However, this requires you to use iTunes and lose your jailbreak.

semi restore for ios 10

Thanks to jailbreak developers, you can do this without updating your iOS firmware version or losing your jailbreak.

The best tool to do so is Saurik’s Cydia Eraser. You can use other tools because Cydia Eraser is not currently available for use on iOS 10.

Here are the tools that are good alternatives for Cydia Eraser –

You should only use this as a last resort when all other methods fail. If your device is experiencing minor problems or crashes, following the above tips will suffice.

Enjoy a Faster Jailbroken Device!

Enjoy your device that performs just like new! Performing these steps will ensure your device and doesn’t lag and delivers when you need it to.

Do you have any other tip that increases performance? Simply leave a comment below and I will add it to this list.


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