Springtomize 4 – Customize iOS 10 Like Never Before [DOWNLOAD]

Lo and behold! Springtomize has been released for iOS 10. Let’s find out more about this new version.

Ever since Yalu jailbreak was released, many developers updated their tweaks for iOS 10 except Filippo Bigarella.

How Springtomize 4 Works

Developed by Filippo Bigarella and Janosch Hubner, Springtomize has been the quintessential jailbreak tweak for building a setup. It offers tons of customization options in a single package.

springtomize 4

This new version comes with the following new features –

  • User-friendly interface and several new customization features.
  • Many modifications no longer require a respring to come into effect. They work in real time.
  • A new profile-based system to create your configuration.

Apart from its usual customization features, the new profile system implemented in this version takes the cake. If you are It allows you to switch to a different setup at the click of a button.

You can easily customize your lock screen, home screen, widgets, control center, notifications, icons, etc.

download springtomize 4 for ios 10 firmware

Once installed, it offers you a comprehensive Settings area. You can find a large number of customization options for each aspect of iOS 10.

Download Springtomize for iOS 10

This version is not totally free from bugs. When you try to swipe pages, it feels a bit sloppy. Hopefully, the developers will fix it in the next update.

If you are confused between HideMeX and Springtomize, go for HideMeX. HideMeX is definitely much more feature-rich than this tweak.

This new version is pay-to-upgrade. If you own a copy of a previous version of this tweak, you will still need to shell out money for the latest version.

Springtomize 4 is available for download on BigBoss Repo for $3.99. It is fully compatible with iOS 10 only.

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