Conversations with iCloneOS, 15-year old iOS App Developer

I’m back with another interview with another iOS developer and hacker. Read the full interview below.

Firstly, I would like to introduce our guest today, iCloneOS. iCloneOS is a very young iOS developer and hacker who has been developing clones of iOS and macOS since quite some time now.

iCloneOS released his first iOS app at the age of 14! He has also been delving into the hacking side of things of late.

Q1. How and when did you get started with iOS development?

A. I started when I was 13, learning from YouTubers.

I would make a project on each element to make sure I learned it well. I released my first app on the App Store when I was 14 which was very basic using tap gestures and gravity.

I went on to complete more starter projects to learn about web development. That was when I was able to sneak a screen recorder onto the App Store using a server switch.

ios development

Now, I’m 15 and I’ve continued learning from YouTubers advancing to more complicated projects. Learning to code through starter projects and mini-apps was very effective because I can now apply these skills.

I hope to continue developing a few apps for the App Store which will help anyone to code directly on their iOS device.

Q2. iCloneOS is a relatively new and not many people in the jailbreak community know about it. Can you tell us more about it?

A.  iCloneOS is a very simple clone of the MacOS with minimal features.

It took me months to develop it and it was a complicated process getting it to work on most devices.

Q3. What’s with your tweets regarding MasonD3V?

A. Mason can have his own opinions and say what he likes. However, I will respond because some claims he makes aren’t true.


He has made people believe me coded TweetDeck whereas it is made by Twitter and he is simpler providing a link to their website.

Q4. You recently demonstrated a remote takeover on your Twitter handle? How does that work?

A. The remote takeover is a bug I have submitted to Apple.


This version works through Bluetooth, however, any ++ or tweaked app can inject a Dylib to complete the same task.

Q5. Do you think the jailbreak community is whiny and ungrateful?

A. The jailbreak community has always been whiny and ungrateful. I remember seeing a member of it threaten a developer. I believe it was Coolstar being threatened.

Q6. Do you own a jailbroken device? If yes, what are your favorite Cydia tweaks and App Store apps/games?

A. I, unfortunately, lost my jailbreak. I had used it for research purposes.

Q7. Is Tutuapp’s Nesstool really stealing user data?

A. Yes, I decompiled Nesstool and saw it log information and attempt to.

I believe most of the private APIs used are closed off without root access so if you are jailbroken, they can do a lot more to your device.

Q8. What’s your opinion on MTJailed tool developed by Coffeebreakerz?

A. I didn’t know he had developed it until Mason accused me of stealing it. I don’t agree with the $5 usage fee. I am still making my own terminal.

Q9. What can the jailbreak community expect from you in the future?

A.  I don’t believe anything. The jailbreak community has harassed me for standing up against piracy. I would rather spend my time developing for the App Store where apps mean something.

That’s it for now, folks! Don’t forget to follow iCloneOS on Twitter for the latest updates about his upcoming projects.

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