A Candid Interview with MasonD3V, a 13-year old iOS Developer

Today we have on board a very young developer who is just 13-years old and has already released his first application. Here’s the complete interview.

Mason, an iOS and web developer, is a child prodigy in every sense of the word. While most of the kids his age are busy playing with fidget spinners and iPods, he has already coded an App Installer and released an iOS app.

Q1. How did you get started with iOS programming and web development?

A. I got started with web development a few months after I received my iPod touch. I started off by making a few F7 apps, then websites. I was inspired by people like Warsame (@HeyItsWarsame) and DanielD3V (@DanielD3V).

ios development

iOS Development started THREE weeks ago. I was inspired by few developers like Joseph Shenton (@JosephShenton).

Q2 Why did you start iNova App?

A. I used to have a tweet why, but let’s start over. It was actually started by Chris Mcgreevy (@ChrisMcgreevy_) as a project named TuTuCydia. It was a pretty bad Cydia alternative.

Then it altered to iSapphireOS. It was a little better. Later on, we decided to make a signing service. At that time there were only three people left from the iSapphireOS Team, Chris (@ChrisMcgreevy), Meefy (@meefy_steven), and I.


And that signing service is iNova.

Q3. What makes iNova app better than other App Installers on the market?

A. I will not answer this just because it could seem biased to most people.

Q4. Do you intend to expand iNova installer’s app catalog in the future?

A. Yes.

Q5. How are you dealing with Apple’s frequent certificate revokes?

A. Not at all since our certificate isn’t ready to be used yet.

Q6. A lot of users have ditched Twitter clients for your amazing TweetDeck app. How much time did it take you to code from the ground up?

A. Well, it started off as a joke. But then people actually wanted it.

I was actually inspired by someone on twitter (Read @iTDApp’s pinned tweet).

It took maybe a week to get the first version released.

Q7. What’s new in iNova version 2.0?

A. IPA Installer, Account Login Feature, More Apps, etc.

Q8. You are a very young developer and have already accomplished a lot. What can we expect from you in the future?

A. Well, you can expect a lot from me in the future. One app that is in the works is iInfo. You can see the preview of it on my channel.

You can check out Mason’s channel and also follow him on Twitter for more iOS awesomeness.

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