Fortnite Birthday Event – New rewards and challenges this week

Just a few days ago season 5 kicked off, with new objects, challenges, and a battle pass to get more rewards. Now, Fortnite is all set to blow its first candle on July 24 and has a few surprises in store for all you gaming addicts out there.

New Birthday Challenges and Rewards

The anniversary event of Fortnite will kick off on July 24 next week, for a limited time, of course. Gamers will receive special items by completing special challenges.

For instance, players will need to inflict 1,000 damage to enemies to unlock the Fortnite’s anniversary emoticon and dance in front of birthday cakes to get the “Happy Birthday” spray.

Additionally, you will also have the option to gain 5,000 additional experience points after playing 14 games.

And if you complete all the three challenges mentioned above, you will automatically win the birthday cake Back Bling.

The special event will also allow “Save the World” players to unlock Ramirez in a birthday outfit by completing a series of missions.

Finally, birthday llamas will be available for purchase against tickets and will eventually offer us heroes and weapons from all the events that took place this year (excluding quest rewards).

Release Date and Availability

Epic Games will soon release an update for all users on all platforms (iOS, PC, and gaming consoles).

So, for a few days, players will get access to new rewards and challenges for free. However, these exclusive rewards will disappear if you are unable to complete the challenges once the event is over.

So what are you waiting for? Gear up for the event ends on August 7!

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