Yalu 103 Jailbreak IPA Download – Real or Fake?

In the past couple of days, I’ve witnessed a new Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.3 floating around the internet. It’s called Yalu103 and claims to be a fully untethered jailbreak iOS 10.3 firmware.

Let’s find out if it’s real or fake.

Yalu 103 Jailbreak Released?

A lot of users have been asking me if this jailbreak is safe to use. So I downloaded this IPA file and decided to check what’s inside of it.

Before we begin, let me tell you – Yalu jailbreak only supports iOS 10-10.2. Yalu jailbreak’s exploit was patched by Apple in iOS 10.2.1.

Moreover, ever since Luca left the jailbreak scene, no one has officially promised to continue developing Yalu jailbreak.

yalu 103 ipa

Upon reverse engineering this file, I found they have just renamed the yalu102 beta 7 IPA file. Its contents are exactly the same as the original yalu102.

Despite my repeated warnings, some newbies will still download and try to use this IPA file. Again, DO NOT download this ipa file. Downloading jailbreak tools from 3rd-party sources poses a serious security risk.

Who knows what’s inside of those files. A hacker and easily bundle rootkits and other malicious code into an IPA file that can compromise your device.

Steer clear of these IPA files and always download jailbreak tools from authentic sources.

Yalu 103 – Real or Fake? 

So my final verdict is that this 10.3 jailbreak is fake. Some sketchy websites are heavily promoting this bogus jailbreak for unknown reasons.

untethered jailbreak

A while ago, a user named “devapple” also posted a new project on Github called Yalu 103. This developer is completely unknown on the jailbreak scene. So this jailbreak is fake as well.

If you come across any Youtube video related to 10.3 jailbreak, just down vote it.

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  • Daniel Yankovich

    LOL and right as i saw yalu 10.3.2 jailbreak on pangu8 .com/10.3.2, i look here and see its probably fake

    • Khaled

      Com on why they don’t release yalu ipa for 10.3.1?

      • Hello, Khaled. That’s because 10.3.1 closed Yalu jailbreak’s exploit used in iOS 10-10.2. A new jailbreak needs to developed from scratch for this firmware.

        • Al

          So what about the talk about there being a jailbreak for 11? Is this going to be a fake too? And if not when do you think that would be released?

          • Hello, Al. There’s been no news regarding an iOS 11 jailbreak thus far. It will be real, of course, provided it comes from a reputed hacker. As far as release date goes, it will take about 3-4 months still.

      • Daniel Yankovich

        there is no yalu ipa, thats them being annoying retards

        • That’s why I wrote this post to combat the misinformation in the jailbreak community.

  • Daniel Yankovich

    Luca, you know how to reverse engineer files right? can i send you the one from pangu8 .com and see what you think of it? I know its probably fake but 10.3.2 has a lot of bugs and it could be real… but then again im still wayyyyy too hopeful. but looking at the memory, they are exactly the same which is a huge hint its fake lol and i can rename it anything i want. whatever its fake lol that was a waste of space

    • Hello, Daniel. That site is sketchy and completely fake. Don’t download anything from it.

      • Virgil Sadewasser

        when will 10.3.1 ipa be out?

        • Hello, Virgil. No one knows when it will be out but I think it will released within weeks. Keep following our social channels for the latest updates.