Xtender – Anti-revoke VPN by AppValley and TweakBox

AppValley and TweakBox just released a new revoke fix for iOS users. Here’s how you can download Xtender on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What is Xtender?

Xtender is a new revoke bypass or patch developed specifically for sideloaded applications. It is developed by the developer team of AppValley in collaboration with TweakBox.

What sets it apart from the majority of anti-revoke tools is its always-on VPN-based approach.

Other tools activate anti-revoke protection only when your Apple device performs a check for revoked apps. This tool, on the other hand, takes a pretty head-on approach and keeps your device protected at all times.

It is still too early to comment on the effectiveness of this bypass because Apple is yet to revoke the enterprise certificates of AppValley and TweakBox.

With that being said, these installers are currently the best in the market and you should definitely give their new tool a try.


  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • AppValley
  • Internet connection

How to download and install Xtender on iPhone/iPad

Step 1 First and foremost, you must install the AppValley app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2 Once you download and install it on your device, launch it from your home screen. Tap the GET button present alongside the “Avoid Revokes” section.

Step 3 Your device will now prompt you to install Xtender. Tap Allow to kickstart the installation process. Wait for the installation to finish and the app to appear on your home screen.

Step 4 Once the app appears on your home screen, it will throw an error as soon as you try to open it. To fix it, you must first authenticate or “trust” its enterprise certificate from the Settings app.

Go to General > Profiles & Device Management, tap and “trust” the latest certificate present in the “ENTERPRISE APPS” section. These certificates usually have Chinese names.

Settings General

Profiles & Device Management

Step 5 You are all set now! Now that the app is fully authorized, you can start it and tap the “PROTECT” button.

Step 6 Your device will now display the following alert –

“xtender” Would Like to Add VPN Configurations.

Tap Allow to install its custom VPN configuration on your device.

Step 7 Enter your passcode or use your Touch ID to authenticate Xtender’s new VPN configuration. It will automatically get connected once authorized without any further intervention on your part.

Step 8 Ensure that the circle icon present in the app becomes green. Its color will indicate the current status of the revoke protection.


There’s no guarantee that this tool will work considering Apple goes on a certificate revoke spree almost bi-weekly now. However, it’s still better than having no protection in place.

For those of you who are currently relying on other alternatives, perhaps Xtender might just be up your alley.

As always, do let us know what you think about this tool below.

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