iBox Emulator – How to Run Windows XP on iPhone 7

No matter how advanced iOS gets, hackers keep pushing it to limits. Once such example is running Windows XP on iPhone 7 without jailbreak. Let’s learn how to do this.

iBox Emulator

Windows XP (MicroXP) emulation was achieved with iBox emulator. The full source of iBox emulator is available on Github. This emulator is based on Bochs emulator.

windows xp on iphone 7

However, you will need to compile an IPA. If you don’t have a Mac, download the IPA package below.

Here’s a video demonstration of Windows XP running on iPhone 7 without jailbreak.

As you can see, the speed is just fine. I’m amazed how good Windows XP (32-bit) is running on iPhone 7 (64-bit).

Download iBox 2.6.8 Emulator IPA

  • Download iBox 2.6.8 Emulator IPA file

You can use it on iPhone 7 with and without jailbreak. Want to try this, here are your options.

How to Install Windows XP on iPhone 7 without Jailbreak

  • If you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone 7, you can sideload it using XCode or Cydia Impactor. For Cydia Impactor to work you will need an IPA file of Bochs emulator.
  • If you have a jailbroken iPhone 7, you can simply install the IPA file from Filza with AppSync (tutorial here). You can also use Cydia Impactor in this case.

This legacy operating system holds nostalgic value for almost all of us. So it’s great to see it running on newer devices.


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