Telegram and Telegram X pulled from the App Store

Apple just pulled Telegram messenger app from the App Store. Here’s why they did it and how it will affect jailbreakers.

Apple pulls Telegram for inappropriate content

Several Reddit users noticed the disappearance of Telegram from the App Store and were quick to post about it online.

Initially, iOS users believed that this was somehow linked to a massive Telegram update that was coming to Android.

However, a series of tweets by Telegram’s Twitter accounts indicate that this wasn’t the case.

Here’s what the CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, had to say on the matter.

This makes it clear that Apple removed it due to “inappropriate content”.

The definition of inappropriate content is already a bit vague as it is and no one has officially clarified the actual reason behind this incident.

Telegram does contain some channels that distribute racist and other forms of insensitive and violent content.

Their development is busy working on appropriate content security and censorship measures to address this issue.

How will this affect you?

  • You can no longer install the messenger from the App Store. However, you can continue using it if you already have it on your device.
  • Apart from that, you can no longer use it to save SHSH Blobs. If you are worried about your SHSH Blobs, I recommend using TSS Saver.
  • Surprisingly, the secure messaging app is still available for download on the Mac App Store. If you own a Mac, go ahead and download it.

When will Telegram return to the App Store?

According to Durov, it was just a “minor issue” and the messaging app will soon make a comeback on the App Store.

This is a given since they are way too big to be ignored by a mobile app platform.

Telegram app

Considering Google’s Android Play Store still has these apps, Apple will surely not take long to add these apps back where they belong.

Are you affected by this development? If yes, leave your comments below.

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