Gorilla Glass 6 could give future iPhones extra protection

Yesterday, Corning announced the next generation of the Gorilla Glass. This new protective glass could soon find its way to the upcoming iPhone models.

Corning announces Gorilla Glass 6 

According to the manufacturer, the sixth-generation Gorilla Glass uses a completely new composition of glass, which is said to be behind the improvement.

Particular attention has been paid to the fact that many of today’s mobile phones have glass on both the front and the back.

On an average, users drop their smartphones on the ground seven times a year. The sixth-gen protective glass, on the other hand, can withstand 15 drops from a height of one meter onto rough surfaces without cracking.

Despite its high durability, the new product is optically clean, scratch-resistant, boasts of good touch sensitivity, and supports wireless charging.

Also, it is up to two times more resistant than its predecessor and other glass compositions like soda lime and aluminosilicate.

Will the new iPhone come with Gorilla Glass protective display?

Gorilla Glass 6 looks perfect for all future smartphones so far. Major manufacturers might even debut the first devices using this protective glass in the coming months.

Furthermore, Corning is a major supplier of hardened front panels used by Apple, despite the total absence of references to Apple among the brands that trust Gorilla Glass.

iPhone X plus

It is likely that Apple could design Gorilla protective glass into the upcoming iPhone, which is scheduled for release this fall. However, it’s hard to predict whether this type of glass will be used by all three upcoming iPhones or just the high-end model.

[Source – Corning]

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