Telegram Jailbreak Bot Gets a Huge Update and New Features

Telegram Jailbreak Bot was just updated by developer ARX8X. Check out the full details about this update below.

Telegram Jailbreak Bot has received a massive update that adds tons of new features. This isn’t a beta update, Telegram Jailbreak Bot has been fully re-written and coded from scratch.

telegram jailbreak bot

This is akin to a completely new release.

For the uninitiated, the Telegram Jailbreak Bot is a great way to save your SHSH blobs on-the-go. It also performs a lot of other important jailbreak-related actions.

Here’s a rundown of all the new features in this update.

Telegram Jailbreak Bot – Updates and Changes

SHSH Blobs

  • SHSH blobs are saved up much faster now.
  • SHSH blob verification added.
  • Details of your iOS device are saved.
  • Auto-save SHSH blobs (this feature will be up and running soon).


  • The ability of see every jailbreak tool for all iOS versions.
  • Direct download links for jailbreak tools (this feature is still under development).


  • Quick fetch any iOS firmware version.
  • The ability to get specific files inside the IPSW firmware file.
  • Check signing status of various firmware versions.

Cydia Repos

  • You can make use of “pkglist” command to get a list of all packages hosted in a Cydia source.
  • “pkgcount” command displays the number of packages hosted in a Cydia source.
  • “repolist” command will give you access to a large list of Cydia repositories.

Cydia Tweaks

  • Screenshot previews.
  • Search for Cydia tweaks for a particular application. If you want to get tweaks for Spotify, simply enter “tweaks for Telegram” to get a list of tweaks that work specifically with Spotify). This is another great feature if you are looking for tweaks that perform a specific function.
  • Check tweak compatibility with iOS 10.


  • Your device information can be stored for quick access.
  • This update brings an interactive downgrade procedure. Telegram Jailbreak bot will assist you in downgrading your device.
  • Several Other improvements.

Since this is huge improvement, I am not able to list all the features. For average users, it’s not of much use other than saving your SHSH blobs or getting Tweak info.

telegram bot

Telegram Jailbreak Bot is mainly used for saving SHSH2 blobs. This is one of its main features and the sole reason why many jailbreakers use it. If you would like to save your SHSH2 blobs, follow this tutorial –

Did you try the new Telegram Jailbreak Bot?

If you have tried it, let us know your experience in the comments section below.

telegram jailbrak

It seems like the Telegram Jailbreak Bot is under heavy traffic right now. A lot of users are saving their SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.3.1.

If it’s taking too long to respond to your commands, just wait and try again later.

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