Spotify now lets you play songs without shuffle, adds an economic mode

Spotify held a big event today in New York to introduce a beefed-up version of its free app. Here’s all you need to know about it.

What’s new in Spotify’s latest version?

1. Play songs without shuffle

As predicted earlier, Spotify will no longer play songs with shuffle. But here’s the catch – the songs must be a part of the top 15 popular playlists.

The playlists include the Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Today’s Top Hits.

Spotify event

Apart from that, the app will also add personalized playlists according to the listening habits of the user.

This puts the number of tracks at 750, which should be more than enough for almost all audiophiles.

2. Improved user interface

The upcoming user interface will be much cleaner and user-friendly as compared to the older design. Once you open it, it will greet you with personalized tracks.

Here’s how it will look like.

Spotify latest design

3. Less data consumption

The second major feature in the latest version is the streaming performance improvement.

Spotify app will now come with a new data-saving mode that will reduce data consumption by up to 75 percent.

Our take

Clearly, these features are aimed at curbing piracy and the widespread usage of hacked apps.

Secondly, a better free version will also help the streaming giant convert more free users into premium subscribers. Finally, it will help curtail the meteoric rise of Apple Music that is showing no signs of stopping.

free spotify premium

The new version, though feature-rich, still comes nowhere near what jailbreak tweaks and apps offer.

While a lot of jailbreak users on both iOS and Android platforms will make the switch, a large percentage will use the tried-and-tested pirate apps.

What will you do now? Switch to the free version or keep using Spotilife? Leave your comments below.

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