YouTube 12.45 update fixes Battery Drain on iPhone

YouTube users have been experiencing enormous battery drain even during light usage. The latest update (v12.45) aims to fix that.

YouTube releases version 12.45

You can always expect some sort of battery drain while watching videos. However, the YouTube app kept draining the battery even in the background.

The entire ordeal began when YouTube released an update on November 13. The battery life issue that lasted for about two weeks lead everyone to believe that the problem lied with iOS 11 since it already had a lot of battery issues.

According to its version history, the latest version aims to fix an issue with battery usage. This signifies the problem certainly lies with the app, not iOS 11.

Youtube 12.45

I remember experiencing a whopping 30% drain while watching videos for like 15 minutes.

Several users also reported on Twitter that the app caused their devices to heat up. However, I didn’t experience any such thing on my iPhone 7 plus.

Does battery drain still persist?

Absolutely not. The latest update completely fixes the battery drain issue, at least for now. You can easily watch videos up to an hour or two with minimal battery drain.

I am testing it right now on my iPhone and everything is looking good thus far. Therefore, I highly recommend installing this update as soon as possible.

iPhone Battery Life

Again, battery life can be an issue with iOS 11.1.1 so even this update may or may not work for you.

How has your experience been – does the battery drain issue still persist? Let us know in the comments section below.

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