to.panga – PoC iOS 11 Jailbreak for Developers

Eminent developer Abraham Masri is back with another jailbreak tool for iOS. Download his latest tool to.panga for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod for research purposes.

What is to.panga?

to.panga is a proof-of-concept iOS 11-11.1.2 jailbreak with Cydia payload. It is developed by jailbreak developer, Abraham Masri aka CheesecakeUFO.

Just like previous tools, it also utilizes Ian Beer’s async_wake exploit and Xerub’s AMFI codesigning bypass.

iOS hacker

Here’s what this tool does so far –

  • tfp0 patch
  • AMFI patch
  • Patched version of bootstrap
  • Cydia installer (64-bit only)
  • Proof-of-concept jailbreakd daemon (for process injection)

There’s no IPA for to.panga as of yet since the average user doesn’t need to use it. If you still want to test it out, you must compile its XCode project yourself.


Warning – This jailbreak is a proof-of-concept only and doesn’t install tweaks. If you aren’t familiar with any of the aforementioned terms, please refrain from using it.

  • Update – An IPA file is now live. You can download it below.


Compatibility is of no concern to anyone at this moment because it is for research only. Although the developer is yet to post a support list, it will work on all models running iOS 11-11.1.2.

The developer has confirmed that it works on iPhone 7 and iPhone X.

Download to.panga

How close is it to a full jailbreak?

Current Status

As of now, the developer is working on integrating Cydia in a better manner and getting more developers onboard.


Cydia is now working but is lagging for a few seconds. Moreover, sources are working just fine but aren’t refreshing properly and throwing an HTTP connection error.

Future Development

According to the developer, future plans for to.panga include –

  • Fixing the HTTP connection error while refreshing sources in Cydia. If this doesn’t work out like it’s supposed to, the developer will completely axe Cydia.
  • Improve the jailbreakd daemon.

This tool is still in early stages and will serve as a platform for building a complete and stable jailbreak tool in the future.

Once Saurik updates Cydia and Jonathan Levin releases his universal iOS 11 jailbreak, we will surely get an update.

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