Safari Plus Turbocharges Safari Web Browser

Another day, another tweak. Safari Plus is a free Cydia tweak that supercharges the vanilla Safari browser. Here’s how it works.

How Safari Plus Works

Safari browser offers enough features for the average user. However, jailbreak power users always want to get that extra edge and want a powerful alternative.

This is where Safari Plus tweak comes in.

Safari Plus is yet another Cydia tweak that aims to enhance your browsing experience.

As the name suggests, Safari Plus adds tons of new enhancements to Safari and takes your browsing experience to the next level.

safari plus tweak

Here’s a list of the features of this tweak –

  • Force HTTPS
  • Attach swipe gestures to the URL bar
  • Adds “Open in New Tab” and “Open in Background” options
  • Upload any file from your device using a file picker
  • Switch desktop mode
  • Fullscreen scrolling
  • Disable private browsing
  • Change any color in Safari UI
  • Compatible with Safari Downloader +
  • and much more.

The HTTPS Everywhere alone makes this tweak worth your while. It forces every web page to be served over SSL. This keeps your connection encrypted and protects your device from hackers.

safari plus tweak

Another feature that stands out is the ability to attach gestures to the URL bar. For example, you can swipe right on the URL bar to open a new tab.

Download Safari Plus

I can’t recommend this tweak highly enough. The developer should have released it as a paid package because it really is that good.

safariplus cydia

If you use Safari a lot to browse the web, this is the tweak you need.

Safari Plus is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo for free. It is compatible with iOS 10 only. 

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